Homestead Living, Is it Right for You?

Homestead Living, Is it Right for You?

Have you ever heard of homestead living?

Living off your land is a rising trend right now but many people still have no idea of the different benefits they can enjoy from homestead living. The list of these benefits is a lengthy one but some of the best are the following:


Homestead living lets you live without asking for someone else’s help. While it helps to have your family and friends around for the bigger jobs, you can easily survive on your own when the need arises. Living off your land allows you to produce your own food. You can be independent without having to worry about the things happening around you, such as a large bank suddenly shutting down.

Improved Work Ethic

Homestead living trains you to develop a strong work ethic. Giving your 60% on your garden might provide you adequate supply to make it through the winter but you will wish you gave it your 100% if several jars of canned beans fall from the shelves. Survival is the primary motivation to develop a great work ethic. Knowing that you will never survive if you relax and kick back will keep you moving all the time.

Sense of Purpose in the Family

Living off your land gives every member of the family a sense of purpose and each one is aware of it. So, when one member fails to perform his job, the homestead will feel its effects. Once he returns, everyone will feel grateful and will let him know that.

You can also get an improved sense of purpose when you work with your whole family closely throughout the day. This forms a stronger connection among every member instead of just lounging lazily in front of the TV.

Life Appreciation

When you buy a steak from the grocery, you just see it as another ordinary food product you grab off the shelf. As an average shopper, you don’t think of the cow that gave up its life just so you can eat its meat. The last thing the grocery store want is for you to think about this so they do their best in setting up their meat area. 

Practitioners of homestead living have better appreciation for lives given up to produce their food. You will have this appreciation on the first time you slaughter an animal for your family to eat. It is something you will never forget. You will also work hard in taking care of your animals and ensuring that the end will be humane and swift.


Increased Awareness

If you will observe the people around you, you will notice how their eyes are glued on their phones, oblivious to the things around them. Living off your land will make you more aware of the things happening around you. You become aware of where you step on or walk into. You pay close attention to everything and you watch your feet everywhere you go. You even become aware of nature as well, picking up clues from it like a change in temperature or cloud shift.

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