Frequently asked questions

We offer affordable land and make the process simple for future landowners. 

No credit checks, we offer financing through our own company and you are pre-approved. We just ask that you keep up with your payments. 

No huge down payments, the payment made today pays off your first month. No need to break the bank just to start payment plans.

Interest rates as low as 1%. Try to find that elsewhere!

Want it today? Buy in Full for 10% Off. 

We cover all closing costs, what you see is what you pay.

Once you have found something you like and feel it fits your goals. You can purchase the property using our secure check out after e-signing the terms and conditions of the purchase. Upon payment, a land investment packet will be sent to your email and a representative will reach out to you shortly. Monthly payments are easy and can be made right from your computer or cell phone. Once your land is paid off we execute the deed and record it with the county. There will be no back taxes or anything due when you take ownership and become a land owner.

If you have more questions contact us at

Not at all, what you see is what you pay. We pay all credit card processing fees, closing costs, recording fees and taxes on the property. Even if the property tax changes during your payment plan, we will cover the difference. The only fee that can be charged to you would be a late payment fee, so it is important to make your monthly payments on time. 

Yes extremely, our platform is not on a Wordpress or anything else we would be in charge of. All SSL security is ran by an e-commerce company, a leader in the market with top security. Payments are processed by a leading processing company as well, we will never have access to your payment details. 

All properties are owned by us, no third party sellers. They are free and clear, meaning no liens, judgements, back taxes, HOA dues or any financial encumbrances are tied to the property. Also, the price you see is the price you pay. We will not ask for any additional payments down the line except for late fees if no payment is received. Our company provides owner financing at fair rates and we will never contact any banks or do any credit checks. We just ask that you make your payments on time.  

Yes, our parent company is a legally registered company out of Wyoming and operate in strict compliance and ethical standards using LandZero as our public web retail site. Our team and wholesale partners include land specialist that have worked with developers, major land holders, three e-commerce companies and large land acquisition companies for roughly 15 years in 3 different countries. The agents work for LandZero full time and not as a part time job.

It is important that a customer does their own research to make sure the land fits their building, living or investing needs. We provide the zoning description given by the county and best details available at the time about utilities and roads. However, we are not able to visit each property or keep an eye on any changes over time such as road issues, addition or removal of utilities, zoning changes or building rules the county sets.

For any specific needs you may want out of a property, please call the building department and make sure your goals fit the property. We see value in land of all sorts, others do as well, it all depends on what you want out of the property. We list land in all sorts of shapes, sizes and conditions. 

We stress this because everyone has unique goals for land ownership. Anything from building dome homes, camping, RV living, farmers markets, billboards, zoning changes and so much more. These should be addressed with the county directly so the information comes from them. Owning land does not always mean anything and everything can be done, each county has different rules and restrictions, we do not control this. Due to the uniqueness of each customer's goals, we simply could never cover each and every possibility for the use of the land we sale. We did not build the land, make the rules, maintain the roads, limit its uses or guarantee its usability for any particular goal. This is the responsibility of you, the buyer, to make sure it works for whatever you want to do with it.

A simple call to the county building department to discuss your plans is highly recommended before purchase. We have given customers amazing returns on investment with this method, self research is key as some of these properties are hidden gems with massive returns down the line. A good example is land we have sold without roads, customer's then build a road and flip it for much more.

Once the property is paid in full our company will execute the deed and record it with the county to transfer you title. All closing costs are covered by us. 

Of course, we have provided many people directions so they can visit the property. We can provide help with remote dirt road locations, GPS, Google maps, information we know about the area and more.

We acquire our properties though different methods such as buying in bulk from large land portfolio owners, government foreclosures, auctions and contacting property owners directly with offers. 

You can only use the land once it is paid in full and you receive the actual deed. If you finance the land, it is not in your name yet so building structures, living on it or removing trees for example is prohibited. These guidelines have been established due to local restrictions and county laws. It also protects us from legal issues due to a customers illegal actions on the land. If you start a payment plan and disregard this, the county can evict you or even arrest you for trustpassing because you don't actually own the land yet.

Aside from a 30 day money back guarantee on financing plans only, all sales are final. This is because we often have several customers looking at the same property or we already transferred the deed to you. We will lose other customers interested in the land after the purchase is made. We also cannot buy back land from a customer, our purchasing methods are specialized to ensure our full ownership and right to sell the land to our customers, which we guarantee under contract as a company and must adhere to.  We also cover very costly closing costs and fees so our customers don't have to, we cannot repeat this on a property already sold due to our margins.

At any time you can get title insurance on the land down the line, but it is at the cost of the buyer, we do not provide that. You should also research what title insurance covers because for raw land in our price range it may not make sense till you decide to build. Depending on the chain of title history of the land some insurance may be more expensive than other properties, for example if the land has a tax sale history which is common in lower cost land, the insurance may cost more depending on how long that sale was. In this case waiting a couple years will clear that issue and lower the cost. You should also shop around if you choose to get title insurance, some companies can be difficult or expensive while others are easy and flexible. Title insurance can be as little as $300 but also go up to $3000.

After 15 days from the due date, if no payment is received, a $25 late fee will be applied. If the monthly payment and late fees are still not received after 30 days from the original due date a notice of default will be sent. If no payments are made 30 days after the notice of default the agreement will be foreclosed on and the land will go back up for sale. There will be no further land rights or refunds, it will be sold to another paying customer. We will never contact any banks or credit companies about the default. Your credit will not be affected. Also, if you have financial issues during that time we will work with you within reasonable limits as we want all customers to enjoy the benefits of land ownership. 

No, you can pay off your land balance at any time without fees. You can also make larger payments to pay off the land faster. 

An invoice will be sent to you by email 5 days before your payment due date. You can make a secure payment within the email link or within your customer portal. We accept credit card, debit card or bank transfer.  We will never have access to your payment details at any time. 

No, our company owns all the land outright that we sell. Real estate agents sell other people's properties. This is a huge part of the savings we offer our customers, we know how to do closings without charging you fees. If you find a similar property on Zillow that is agent listed, you may end up paying much more than the listing price.