Using Drones for Real Estate

Using Drones for Real Estate

At present, one of the hardest things to do in business is real estate marketing. The competition is challenging for the reason that online listings produce most leads. Today, almost all property buyers start searching for properties online. So, it’s really difficult to stand out from the competition. Especially on the normal sites like Zillow, Redfin and such. That is the reason why differentiating property listing through quality photography and videography provide huge dividends. People are drawn to see more and video will keep a visitor on your listing longer. It will also give them a better perspective of the home, land or area then a few pictures would.

Why should you be Using Drones for Real Estate

The latest weapon for marketing today is drones for real estate and 3d modeling. However, in this article we will be covering the drone side. Many real estate agents said that this technology is the most important if you want to stay on top of real estate industry. Using drones for real estate, sweeping shots of mountain vistas and dramatic photos of home exteriors can be achieved easily. Shots are smooth and easily editable for slow motion, adding music or text. 

Advantages of Using Drones for Real Estate Marketing

If you doubt that real estate brokers and agents will not benefit from using drones for real estate marketing, then you better read these following advantages:

  • Make More Interesting Virtual Tours

With an extremely professional operator a camera drone can make views of the home neighborhood and near by attractions. It can literally fly into a house through its front door and travel in every room, making a more natural virtual tour compared to the station-based photography could. Combined with professional voiceover soundtrack, virtual tours may be beautiful visual stories that are rich with history and information. It allows the potential buyer to almost be there in person. So if they do contact you for a tour of the property, you know they must be interested and aware of what they are getting.

  • Make More Compelling and Dramatic Images

Using modern drones, you will be able to make dramatic shots quickly through combing a GPS-programmed flight path with automatic camera targeting. Drones with great features can produce camera shots that don’t only look professional, but also produce a sense of interest and awe that you cannot get from a ground-based photography. Unless you are planning on spending a long time learning the drone operation and getting any certifications. We would recommend finding a professional. 

  • Generate New Businesses

Using drone photos and videos to market your properties shows prospective sellers that you take advantage of the opportunities to make properties look awesome and exceptional. An agent can actually build a reputation for best presentations of listings. Even build a well followed website or youtube channel. 

  • Highlight Property Features

Walking paths, backyards, pools, and landscaping are essential to a lot of buyers. Nearby schools and parks are crucial for many home buyers. Aerial videos and photos can bring such advantages to life. With pictures it is really hard to understand the layout of things like this. So a buyer may come and misunderstand that the pool was way on the left of the backyard or something similar. Or for raw land the topography of the land. Then you will end up wasting time showing the property, simply because of misunderstood photos.

  • Save Money

In comparison to shooting an aerial photo from fixed wing aircraft or helicopters, videography using drone is much cheaper and simpler to arrange. This was more common for expensive land acreage. If you were selling some large farmland and wanted the advantage. A helicopter view was highly useful, but now you can save a huge amount using a drone operator. 

  • Get an Edge in Market

It is a known fact that listing with video, which look better and give more details, sell much better.

Getting a high quality drone shot might cost more than the land-based photographer. But, your goal is most likely sales and successful agents realize the power of spending more to sell more. Sure they take major risks by spending out of pocket, it's a hard leap to take. But they know it actually pays off so they have no issue spending it. Shooting aerial footage takes time in comparison ground-based video or photo shoots as well. You will want to be flexible with the time of the photographer particularly if she or he is new to drones. Set out a large block of time and just let them do their thing. Some are technical and will set flight paths first once they survey the area from above. Also post processing will take some time as well. 

In order for you take quality shots, you will require the best drone available in the market. The gimbals and cameras on high-end and ready to fly drones are capable of capturing clean, smooth, and crisp exterior video. Getting the best camera is more essential for shooing in a home to handle light exposure concerns, which are often encountered once your glide camera flows through the windowed rooms. You can now get 4k video quality for a lot less than before. Some really good drones are around $1.5k, it's not too bad. You don't need the $20k drones, those are more for cinematic movies. 

Learning or operating the drone to save money. 

So drones are a bit complicated, but at the same time easy. They have been made really user friendly at this point. Also programable which allows you to set highlight limits or flight paths. But the learning curve will take time and the drone is destructible and easy to lose. They can often take a turn for the worse, usually be operator error or battery issues. You can crash it, hit an object or worse yet lose it in a lake. One thing to look for is aviation restrictions. You need to check online about any classes or licenses that may be required. Some people avoid this with real estate because of the very low levels. However, the FAA has rule, licenses and strict guidelines for drone operation. It hasn't happened yet, hopefully never does. But if you have no idea what you are doing, send a drone way up in the air in a flight path for airplanes. You very well could end up in jail for life if something unfortunate happened. There has been major issues with airports or planes spotting drones too close, so it's no joke. 

  • Conclusion 

Using a drone and video to sell land or homes is a huge advantage. It should get you more qualifying leads and even save you time on showing your property. Look at the options carefully about using a pro vs buying one. Also do you have a look or style of the post processing. You can save money getting the raw video and making the actual youtube video yourself. But there is no doubt about video selling vs photos. It is a huge advantage and something to look into for yourself. 

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