Cheap Getaways: Own Your Own Camping Destination

Cheap Getaways

Could you use a cheap getaway? I think most of us could say YES. With hotel prices, plane flights and allowed time off it becomes something many can't do very often. Even the average domestic vacation depending on how long you go can run up to $1,500 per person. One way to save is camping, but just about every campground is pay to stay. The crazy part is some of them can go as high as a hotel to sleep on dirt. Also many times during a good weather season or event, you might find them sold out. So how can you get a really cheap getaway even if camping is expensive or unavailable? Is it even still possible?  

Costs of Camping in America 

National Parks Public Campgrounds: Range from around $15 to $40 per night, depending on the park and amenities.

State Park Campgrounds: Generally range from $15 to $35 per night.

Forest Service Campgrounds: These can be more affordable, often ranging from $10 to $25 per night.

Private Campgrounds: Private campgrounds typically offer more amenities such as hookups, showers, and recreational facilities. Prices can range from $25 to $70 per night.

RV Parks: RV parks often offer full hookups and amenities catered to recreational vehicles. Prices can vary widely, ranging from $30 to $80 or more per night.

Backcountry Camping: This can sometimes be free but have nonexistent amenities. Some places might require some sort of permit however.

Buying Yourself a Free Getaway Spot

Buying yourself some land may just be the cheap getaway spot you're looking for but didn't know about. Land sites like ours have land as low as $3,000 with annual taxes of around $15. Once this land is bought and paid for, your only annual cost is $15 which is cheaper than one night at most all campgrounds. While these are in Arizona, there are times of the year where the climate is great, the stars are beautiful, you can visit several areas like Laughlin or the grand canyon. But most importantly you can get some nature time, quite time and it's only a short drive from the big cities in Arizona. 

The thing with land is you can mold it yourself, you can put in a place to go to the bathroom, a fire pit, level an RV spot, put in utilities or do anything you want. Bring your RV's, motorcycles or just a hammock and view the stars at night. So for around $3,000 and $15 a year, your family now has a camping spot that can last generations to come. 

This avoids all camping costs allowing you less stress for your week long or weekend getaway. Each time you go you can even work on your land, which is a great feeling. Now let's get a little funky with camping spots! 

Make Your Camping Spot Creative

creative camping ideas


Natural Canvas Exploration: Wander through the land like an artist exploring a blank canvas. Feel the contours of the landscape and imagine where each tent, fire pit, and hammock could find its perfect spot.

Campsite Constellations: Think of campsites as stars in a constellation, each with its unique character and story to tell. Create winding pathways that weave like celestial paths, leading campers to their cosmic resting spots.

Whispering Trees Retreat: Embrace the existing trees as wise guardians. Carve out cozy clearings among the foliage where tents can nestle like birds' nests, and lanterns can hang like fireflies.

Rustic Revelry Oasis: Craft a sense of rustic charm by integrating natural elements like rocks and fallen logs. Fashion seating circles around fire pits, inviting conversations that dance like flickering flames.

Enchanted Waterfront Harbor: If there's a water source, think of it as a hidden treasure. Design campsites that peek out like secret coves, with easy access to the water's edge for dreamy mornings and tranquil evenings.

Artful Discovery Pathways: Create pathways that wind like the plot twists in a good story. Place intriguing signs along the way, each revealing a tidbit about the land's history or the creatures that call it home.

Eco-Sculpture Stargazing: Sculpt earthy mounds into playful shapes like gentle waves or animal silhouettes. These could double as seats for stargazing, where campers become part of the landscape art.

Zen Zones and Mindfulness Meadows: Design meditation nooks where campers can disconnect and reconnect with nature. Scatter colorful cushions among wildflowers, offering spots for quiet contemplation.

Firefly Fiesta Fiesta: Hang strings of fairy lights like constellations, illuminating the night with a touch of magic. Create a communal area where campers can gather for a firefly-inspired soirée.

Celestial Communal Dreamscape: Shape a central communal area with large, flat stones as cosmic stepping stones. Arrange seating in concentric circles, where stories and laughter can orbit around a shared fire pit.

Camping spots don't just have to be dirt, the point of these is to shape your getaway so it's truly enjoyable. For something as cheap as $3k this could save you the same amount of cost as a two week getaway in some cases. While prices of land will range differently within distance to you, it's still worth looking into and considering for those cheap getaways everyone could use. 

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