Buying Land for Camping

Buying Land for Camping

Surprisingly, you can actually buy land with rights to use for a camping spot. Some offer long term permits and some offer more of a short term permit. But if you have ever tried to get away for a few days, finding a camping spot may be harder than you thought. Owning the land for camping, you can rest assured a spot is waiting for your getaway. Secret note, you can also make money with camping land. 

One of the largest camping sites to book a spot is Reserve America. This website is used by most national park and smaller ran camping sites. It's a fairly decent system to lock in a camp site short term or in the future. The main issue people find is the amount of sold out days there are. In fact, in summer time, pretty much the whole season is booked all along the California coast and even inland. If there are events near camping sites, those are booked already as well. It can really ruin your plans to get away into nature and reset your batteries. Booking a year ahead is a risky situation as well, plans change and if you try to move the dates you probably won't get a new date. 

Land, especially rural land that may not have options to build due to the nature there, may allow camping. Even some normal residential land will offer this option. Owning land you can use for camping ensures your spot is open any time you want to use it. Also you won't be packed in like sardines into some carved out camping tract. No loud parties or issues, with your own camping spot, it will just be you and nature.  

With us being a land selling site, we have ran into quite a few of these. At first we questioned the use, but we had many customers asking us for this type of land. We quickly studied this and found the major value in this type of classified land. Land is cheap to own, no maintenance, low taxes and really just overall worry free. But camping land has some major perks. 

Make Your Land into a Camping Spot

Most likely the land is raw when you get it, but you can actually carve out your land into a camping spot for close to nothing. For a camping spot you really only need space for a few tents and a nice area to relax. clearing a smaller area on you land can most likely be done by yourself. For tips on this visit our article  Clearing Your Land

In short, you want to find a nice flat spot on your land, then clear the trees and vegetation in the best spot possible. Road access will be needed as well, so clear a nice path. Get several bags of gravel rocks or harvest some local gravel. After clearing an area, these rocks will keep vegetation from overgrowing the area again. You can easily leave the spot and know that camping area will remain. Of course for tent camping, you would want a dirt area free of vegetation, rocks would not be comfortable to put a tent on. This type of area may need some weed treatment or different sand type covering. With small supplies you can get a really nice camping spot going. 

Add some features to your spot to make it more attractive. Everyone likes a good fire pit when they camp. You can go fancy with a fire pit or even just use any type of heavy rock, brick or even metallic enclosure. Adding a table is an option, even a basic kitchen table so food can be prepared and cooked. The possibilities are endless to make the spot more unique and comfortable. Improvements like this can even make you an income. 

Renting Out Your Camping Spot

Just like Airbnb you can actually rent out camping spots on a website called  HipCamp, hit the link to see how popular and nice this website is. A huge amount of people use this site to rent camping spots. They are usually more unique than the usual national park zones, which is the major perk. Some even have glamorous tents already set up. The camping spots go anywhere from $10 to $100 per night. You don't have to live on the land to use this, as long as your land is set up for camping you are good to go. You just need to offer good directions and support for your campers. Depending on the area, you can make a decent amount of money. Having profitable land that just sits there is a rare opportunity. So if your land is zoned for camping use, it may be even more useful than just a lot you hold for value gain or future building area. 


It's best to understand your rights for camping on the land. While it can be found in your zoning information, or by calling the county, it may or may not have restrictions. Some land will have capped days per year that it can be used for camping. Others may have restrictions like only useable when local events are taking place. 

Some choose to avoid this all together, if their land is not in a bothersome area and more remote, people take their chances. Most areas won't spend the resources to go check out someone camping on remote land. But, the best route is by following county rules to avoid possible fines. 

Be aware of what your are dealing with depending on your area. If you find your land is in a high ranked fire zone, you need to either trust yourself or people you allow on the land. If you don't have permits and someone starts a forest fire, you may find yourself in a serious battle with the county. Fire zones do allow camping, but clearing the area may have some guidelines and inspection to follow. 

In Conclusion, that land you see with only camping rights is more valuable than you think. Some BLM land even has this option, this land is pretty cheap. This land is ran by the Bureau of Land Management to sustain nature zones within the area. You need to contact the area but a lot of these have some camping rights. The issue may be getting to the land though, these are found is unbuildable landscapes. Buying a parcel for this is probably a better option because you can carve it out for camping. Owning a camping spot surly has its perks, so keep an eye out and even start making an income. 

We hope you enjoyed this article, for  cheap land for sale hit the link. 


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