10 Top Uses for Raw Land

10 Top Uses for Raw Land

What ideas come to your mind every time you see a vacant or raw land? It is surprising how most people have very limited imagination of the things they can do with these lands. Whether you own a raw land or you have plans to invest in one, there are actually many uses for your property, and the best 10 of them are the following:

1. Construct a Spec House

There is no doubt that the most obvious use of your raw land is to be the location of a spec house construction. With the strong housing demand and booming real estate markets, a vacant parcel of land is a great place to build a single family, multi-family, or duplex house.

2. Community Garden

If your raw land is smaller in scale yet still too big to manage by yourself, its size can be perfect for a community garden. Inquire from government offices and call on your neighbors and friends to know if they have interests in joining your gardening movement.

3. Wildlife Preservation

Preserving your raw land is among the simplest things you can do with it. You are the land owner after all and it is your right to protect it. One area can be designated to be free from logging, camping, hunting, and even fishing.

4. Tiny Houses

Why not join the tiny house movement? This small hobbyist niche has grown into a very famous lifestyle design choice now. You can put tiny houses anywhere and that includes your raw land. These houses rarely conform to zoning requirements of municipalities.

5. Farming

Depending on the property’s size, climate, type of soil, farming demand in the area, and many other factors, a raw land can be ideal for farming. This is an avenue you can explore where you can grow crops or develop it to serve that purpose.

6. Recreation

For a raw land large enough for recreational activities, you can use the property for dirt biking, four-wheeling, mountain biking, snowmobiling, and paintball tournaments. Aside from the almost no need for ongoing maintenance, this use for raw land can be so much fun.

 7. Education

By getting some clearances, you can use your raw land for teaching adults and kids important life skills. You can teach them how to do something simple like collecting dry food or something more complicated like building a tiny shelter using natural resources.

8. Harvest Timber

Many landowners search for ways on what they can do with their property but they don’t make the most out of the rich natural resources they can harvest from the land. Timber is a great example and surprisingly, it is often ignored in majority of standard real estate appraisals.

9. Orchard

Just like with farming, among the 10 best uses of raw land is turning it into an orchard. You can grow apples, pears, oranges, lemons, nuts, grapefruit, or anything you can think of.

10. Raise Livestock

When your raw lawn is located in or near a farming community, you can use it to raise livestock. Goats, cows, horses, pigs, sheep, and horses all need a home and grazing land can mean easy money for many landowners in some markets.

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