Top 10 Benefits of Living off the Grid

Top 10 Benefits of Living off the Grid

Thinking of Living off the Grid? Well, you are not alone and in fact it can be better then you ever thought. Back in the day, people considered those living off the grid a bit weird. Like a hermit out doing his weird thing. But with technology, you can still have power, hot water, internet, phone and pretty much anything someone on the grid has.  

Lets look at the Benefits of Living off the Grid


1. Extremely low expenses - By living on the grid as most do, you are not only dependent on your city power, city water, trash pickup and sewage lines. Not only that buy you pay monthly for all of it. Although there are some costs to setting up properly off the grid it’s worth it in the long run. For  power solar is one of the best options and solar is changing by the moment. It’s becoming extremely more efficient and even Tesla has some unique improvements on the way. Water using a catchment tank is really actually great! If you're in an area with lots of rain you can basically have zero water expense. If you’re not in a great rainfall area there are many water truck companies that will come and fill it up on a schedule for you. There are ways to solar purify the water as well making it safe to drink, also heating options for your showers. Trash and sewage have several options like septic tank and creating compost with your waste.


2. Not dependent on the government - World politics and dependability on financial markets can defiantly be something to worry about. A lot of have had it good for a long time if you think about it, but that was not always the case. Strange things can happen if the world changed out of nowhere, being dependent on something that could crash for millions of people is a real fear. The panic for food, water and warmth would cause absolute chaos. However, living off the grid you could still have everything you need.


3. You could have no Mortgage - Given you can buy some cheap land you could build a home for quite cheap. Living off the grid land is usually way cheaper than being on the grid. Plus you can get more acreage for a cheaper price and even find areas without building restrictions. 

4. Political freedom - A lot of the cheaper land can be almost complete free of any county issues and rules if found in the right area. The show in Alaska is a good example where the people filmed are so far away from areas they are basically free from government. There could be a complete government collapse and it wouldn’t even change their life. Kinda cool! 

5. Less impact on the planet - You’re really creating less of a foot print by living off the grid. For some the piece of mind and living a simple life can be one of the most stress free and rewarding experience. 

6. Happiness - Does anyone really like the rat race deep down? We live in a consumerism frenzy of a world at this point in time. Stress from this grind and working most of your life actually can end up killing people early due to stress and unhealthy lifestyles. Imagine having such low expenses you could do alternative things besides the rat race grind. I think a lot of people would be much happier working on their home and garden while doing some sort of part time job if they needed. 

7. Become self sufficient - You’re going to need to learn to be handy one way or another. People have everything done for them int he city. They hire people and pay a high cost when something needs repair. Well they know how to repair it, why can’t you? If your not working 40 hours a week than you will learn it and that will be extremely rewarding. 

8. Teach future generations - So adults say kids these days just stay inside, play video games and watch TV…”We used to go outside and play!”. We have all heard this I bet and it’s quite true. Imagine your child coming out with all the skills to be self sufficient. Once you learn how to maintain your home and be self sufficient off the land you will naturally teach future generations. This also doesn’t mean your child has to be uneducated, there are several programs for learning and events you can go into town and socialize if wanted. 

9. Get more exercise and live healthy - If you want to live off the grid then chance are you want to do physical work and plant your own food. Get a few chickens if you can for eggs and grow livestock if wanted. You will conserve food and use it wisely while getting lots of natural exercise doing so. 

10. Get ahead financially - If your plan to live off the grid and work imagine how much you can save. There are many ways to work off the internet nowadays, or you can go into town an hour or so a day and do some work. If your plan is to live off the grid somewhat local in the city in a homestead setting you can really pull ahead financially to reach your goals in life. 


I saw many people doing this in Costa Rica when I lived there, it was quite eye opening. They were all healthy because they tend to land daily and lived a lifestyle I have never seen while living deep in the city. Quite honestly it changed my life views. I’m sure it would for a lot of people out there. 

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