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    Monthly Plans Include Non-Prorated Annual Property Taxes in The Price.

    We made the process easy, if you found a property you like, add it to your cart by picking the terms that work best for you. You will be taken to the check out page, in order to pay and secure the property you must review and sign the land sale agreement. This is a very common financial document to protect both parties in a payment for land agreement. After signing, you're all set to purchase the land.

    After payment a LandZero representative will reach out, welcome you and send your copy of the agreement. They will provide next steps, if you bought in full the deed recording process will start and all closing costs are covered. If you started a payment plan, a customer portal will be made for you and automated invoices will come monthly. Payments are super easy and can even be paid directly from your phone. Once the land is paid off, we will record the land in your name and pay all closing costs. That's it! You're now a land owner. 

    All this means is that the monthly terms you choose include property taxes in the monthly payment. Monthly payments include the cost of the land, the APR rate and the annual property taxes. For example, if the annual taxes to the property are $15.00, the monthly payment you choose already includes $1.25 each month. That's $15 ÷ 12, this allows us to pay the property taxes during the terms of your payment. This will be included in your payment breakdown on your paperwork. Overall, what you see is what you pay. We will not raise the price on you, even if the property taxes go up annually.

    We recommend you research the property to make sure it fits your needs. We sell land with all sorts of zoning, conditions, road quality and more. There really is value in all land, we have customers that search for remote land they believe over time will increase in value. Others want something they can build on right away, there are all sorts of different goals customers have. Also, we have zero control what the counties allow with land use. Some counties allow anything while others can have many rules.

    Calling the county building department and asking questions specific to your goals is the best way to determine if the land matches your needs.

    Other ways to research the property are using the GPS we provide, copy and paste the cords into google earth or maps and explore the area. You can also search the county records using the APN. Usually typing the county + property search in google finds this portal the county provides.

    We simply list land of all sorts, we are not a property management company that can help you build on the land, construct roads, change zoning or fix issues if the land has any.