Massive 10.18 Acres In Texas Near Rio Grande & Mexico


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Property Description

Property ID# LZ-W8801

First and foremost, this land is for the adventurous only. This a massive 10.18 acre parcel of land which is remote yet has a current unnamed road that goes to it. You would need 4x4 and supplies to get there till you get set up. The surrounding lots and this one actually have proper easements for legal roads to be put in. At this point with this many acres the unnamed road would get you there and 10 acres is a lot of land to explore. There are really no restrictions that we could find, RV, Mobile home, house, ATV fun, camping or whatever looks to be fine given it's so remote, Always check with the county for your particular use. Seems to be hunting allowed but check with county and permits. This could be used as a small ranch, week long getaway or emergency doomsday land. The road looks to be used to cut from the Texas towns towards the Rio Grande and Mexican border towns. Using google maps will actually see this road and get you there. The land isn't for everyone but a lot of people look for big acres in remote areas. Local towns for things are anywhere between 1 to 2 hours away depending on what you need.

  Legal / Address: LOT 26, a 10.18 ACRE LOT, OUT OF SECTION 51, BLOCK 2, TEX MEX RR SURVEY

Property Highlights

grass   Huge amount of land with a lot of freedom to use
grass   Close to Mexico if you enjoy visitng there
grass   True Remote Living, ATV, Exploring Getaway. Maybe hunting use





Parcel APN



Vacant Land

Land Size

10.18 Acres

Annual Taxes

$56.72 Annual


Dirt Road to area






Install Well


Off Grid


Install Septic

Potential Property Use

home   Home, RV, Camping, Recreational, Animals, not many rules
pets   Animal Use, very remote
spa   Garden or Greenhouse
health_and_safety   Emergency Land Getaway
set_meal   Hunting, ATV, Hiking, Shooting Range, camping

Presidio Texas

Presidio, Texas, is a small border town located in the southwestern part of the state. Situated along the Rio Grande River, it offers picturesque desert landscapes and serves as an entry point to the Big Bend Ranch State Park. It has a rich history and a diverse population influenced by its border location.

Due Diligence Disclaimer

We sell land of all shapes, sizes, zoning, potential uses and accessibility. Everyone has different goals with land, we are not a developer and cannot help with anyone specific future land use. We recommend doing due diligence to make sure the property fits your goals before purchasing. This is the same process you would need to do when buying from any agent, large reality site or individuals. Listing information is deemed reliable by county research but not guaranteed. Call the county for any specific land use questions you would like to know. Images may include pictures of the general area as we cannot visit every property we own. Images of parcel boundaries provided are not accurate enough to be used in place of a property land survey. Property conveyed using a Special Warranty Deed upon closing.
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What if I have Questions About the Property?
Our land specialists are available using the contact form bar, email at or by calling our office at (509) 343-1607. We add all the information we know about the property on the website, but feel free to contact us for any questions.

If your questions are specific to building, land uses or utilities and such, we recommend calling the county building department. They make the laws, know specific requirements and can give the most accurate information per the use you would like with the property.
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