Aloha Estates Big Island Hawaii $8,700.00 Aloha Estates Big Island Hawaii $8,700.00 Aloha Estates Big Island Hawaii $8,700.00 Aloha Estates Big Island Hawaii $8,700.00 Aloha Estates Big Island Hawaii $8,700.00 Aloha Estates Big Island Hawaii $8,700.00 Aloha Estates Big Island Hawaii $8,700.00

Aloha Estates Big Island Hawaii $8,700.00


Monthly payments include the following:

  • Non prorated property taxes of $200.00 Annually for life of payment terms. This is broken down Monthly into the total monthly payment.

What really needs to be said here, this lot is in Hawaii. The perk about this lot is that it is in a non HOA area. Which in Hawaii HOA dues can run you quite a bit of money. This lot was not impacted by the volcano and is in a lush area. This neighborhood has some nice homes in the track, some being used on AirBnb with beautiful furnishings and great reviews. Located next to the main road (HWY 11) which is a path to Kona or Hilo you have quick access to stores and popular attractions. This area is more relaxed and private then living right near Hilo in suburban neighborhoods in Puna. Quiet peaceful living as opposed to large tract neighborhoods 

Lot is Zoned Residential and is a fee-simple lot not a lease hold. You can own it and pass it down generations to come.

This area in Hawaii is not volcanic rock, it is lush. There is currently one home on the street of this lot that is quite big but on the far opposite end of the street. Fruit trees like banana, mango, avocado, papaya and much more grow here. Almost every day you will get a bit of rain in this area. Which keeps the area cool, fresh and more like a rainforest feel. Many prefer this area over the blazing sun, which is the majority of the days in Kona. Almost every home has a catchment tank here because it works so well. The area is fresh, beautiful and amazing to walk around. Waterfalls, small shops, museums, botanical gardens, amazing surf spots, farmers markets and much more are within a short driving distance. Building homes here is great, because Hawaii is quite relaxed. Many people build their own or get construction companies. You can build homes large or small. Some of the homes are so appealing and island like, even the small ones. Chickens for eggs, lush vegetable gardens and fruit trees is what most people do here.


 Land Details 

  • 0.2756 Acres / 12,005 sqft 
  • Road access right on lot
  • Road is not maintained and you would need a 4x4. Before building you would most likely have to clear the growth on the road unless someone else did. This is not uncommon in Mountain View, you can drive it down to dirt and keep plant growth off with different methods. 
  • Residential Zoned
  • Lot has trees on it that would need to be cleared. Also 100% common.
  • Approximately 18 miles to Hilo 
  • Approximately 10 min to the town Volcano Hi
  • Power is in the neighborhood already, but we did not confirm if it is on the street. However, there is 1 other home built on the same street of Lot so it is possible power is on this road. (confirm with county)
  • Water catchment tank is used by almost every home here. There is never a problem with having the catchment tank full here due to rainfall. Also drinkable with proper UV filtering or other methods. 
  • Sewer would be septic

Land Description:

  • Assessor Parcel Number (APN):  3-1-8-048-043
  • GPS: Approximate Center of Lot
  • Legal Description/ Adress:
    Lot 1014, 16th Ave
    Aloha Estates, HI 96771
  • Zoning: Residential, Home okay to build
  • Slope: Flat 
  • Road Access: Yes, Dirt Road but plants over grow this area so it would need a 4x4 for sure. Maybe some trimming of the growth on the road.
  • Size: 12,005 square ft. 
  • HOA: No HOA
  • Utilities: No current utilities to pay
  • Taxes: Currently $200.00 Annually (subject to change over time)


Is there Water on Site? 100% catchment tank is the way to go. Everyone uses this because the area gets rain and is lush. Also drinkable with proper methods of catchment.

What are my Sewer options? Septic tank would need to be installed. 

Can you build a home here? Yes, there are many homes in this neighborhood big and small.

Is there power to the lot? Many of the homes are on grid and power goes into the community but you would need to check with the county about how to get power there. There may be power on the street but we did not confirm.

What sort of Deed will I get? Warranty Deed, the most secure deed available. Title insurance was done before we acquired the lot.

Additional Information 

Pictures other than lot pictures are of general area.

We do extensive work to get all the details of this property from the county. We recommend doing your due diligence and make sure the property fits your need.