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The Off-Grid Living Festival

For those who don’t know, this festival is a grassroots event that showcases diverse off-grid living and sustainable ideas from the past to the present and to the future.

Off-Grid Living Festival provides an exceptional opportunity for the attendees to meet individuals with vast experience from different off-grid living areas. These may include low-impact traditional craftsmen and the newest sustainable technology experts. Participants who will consider this festival will surely leave the event feeling inspired and uplifted to make sustainable and positive changes in their own lives with some new products, contacts, information to help, and new skills.

Whether you are somebody who likes to sell everything you have and live in the bush and upgrade your home to solar, purchase a farm and be self-sufficient, downscale to a low-impact lifestyle, grow your foods, reconnect with Mother Earth, learn some new specialty skills and handcrafts, quench curiosity regarding off-grid living, or have a natural home. All of these are something you will learn and enjoy at Off-Grid Living Festival.

Participants will also get advice, information, demonstrations, workshops, talks, and so on. In addition to that, there are exhibitors and entertainment and food for a sustainable and like-minded community that thrives off-grid. There’ll be more to do and see. Make sure that you arrive at the festival as early as possible so you can enjoy a whole day of activities with other people who also love off-grid living.

For people who like to explore topics in-depth, you may sign up and stick around for tours and workshops being offered on-site and in different regional locations. It’s a good excuse to stay in the place for the entire weekend and get into off-grid living through enjoying soaking up the sceneries in a cottage or considering off-grid camping.

If you think this Off-Grid Living Festival is for adults only, you’re wrong. If you have kids, you can bring them to the festival, and they will also surely enjoy the event. Kids can participate in various activities, which include face painting, storytelling, toy making, cardboard costumes making, and a petting zoo.

All in all, Off-Grid Living Festival is for everyone who is interested in the off-grid living lifestyle. Whether you’re having doubts or you’re into off-grid living already, you should not miss this festival and make sure to spend your quality time at this event. If possible, bring your kids with you so they too can know the benefits of off-grid living.

This is an annual event and usually around May, also in Australia. But if you are an off-grid enthusiast, this may really inspire and release the impact this living has on the planet. 



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