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Is Homestead Living Right for You

Living off your land is a rising trend right now but many people still have no idea of the different benefits they can enjoy from homestead living. The list of these benefits is a lengthy one, but is it right for you?


Homestead living lets you live without asking for someone else’s help. While it helps to have your family and friends around for the bigger jobs, you can easily survive on your own when the need arises. Living off your land allows you to produce your own food. You can be independent without having to worry about the things happening around you, such as a large bank suddenly shutting down.

Improved Work Ethic

Homestead living trains you to develop a strong work ethic. Giving your 60% on your garden might provide you adequate supply to make it through the winter but you will wish you gave it your 100% if several jars of canned beans fall from the shelves. Survival is the primary motivation to develop a great work ethic. Knowing that you will never survive if you relax and kick back will keep you moving all the time.

Sense of Purpose in the Family

Living off your land gives every member of the family a sense of purpose and each one is aware of it. So, when one member fails to perform his job, the homestead will feel its effects. Once he returns, everyone will feel grateful and will let him know that.

You can also get an improved sense of purpose when you work with your whole family closely throughout the day. This forms a stronger connection among every member instead of just lounging lazily in front of the TV.

Life Appreciation

When you purchase a steak from the grocery store, it may seem like just another item on your shopping list. However, behind that piece of meat lies a profound story of sacrifice and sustenance. Each steak represents a life given by a cow so that you can enjoy a meal. The connection between the food on your plate and the animal it came from is often overlooked in our fast-paced, consumer-driven society.

For those who practice homestead living, the appreciation for the process of bringing food to the table runs deep. The act of slaughtering an animal for consumption is a profound experience that brings a stark awareness of the cycle of life and death. It is a moment that forever changes one's perspective on food and the value of life. This firsthand encounter with the reality of where food comes from instills a sense of responsibility and respect for the animals that provide sustenance.

Increased Awareness

If you take a moment to truly observe the individuals in your surroundings, you will likely witness a common sight - people engrossed in their smartphones, seemingly detached from the world unfolding around them. In stark contrast, opting for a lifestyle centered around living off the land can profoundly heighten your awareness of your immediate environment. By treading the path of self-sufficiency, you naturally attune yourself to the nuances of your surroundings. Every step you take becomes deliberate as you navigate your terrain with a newfound mindfulness, acutely conscious of each footfall and its impact on the earth beneath you.

This heightened state of awareness extends beyond mere physical presence. Living off the land fosters a deep connection to nature, enabling you to decipher its subtle signals and cues. You become attuned to the smallest shifts in temperature, the gentle dance of the clouds overhead, and the myriad sounds and scents that compose the symphony of the natural world. In this symbiotic relationship with nature, you learn to read its language, drawing insights and wisdom from its ever-changing tapestry.

In essence, embracing a lifestyle rooted in self-sufficiency not only cultivates a profound awareness of your immediate surroundings but also nurtures a profound connection to the natural world. It is a journey of mindfulness, where every moment becomes an opportunity to engage with the world in its purest form, free from the distractions that often cloud our perception.

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