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How to Use Google Earth to See Your Land

Since the beginning of time, you had to personally go somewhere just so you can see how anything like your land looked. But, thanks to the different technological advances in the modern era, it has become easier, simpler, and more convenient to check it out. Now there is no need to leave the comforts of your home to check out the area.

Tools for virtual tourism improved in time, partly because of Google’s efforts in mapping the four corners of the world. The launch of Google Earth allows you to explore places you have never been to before. All over the world in fact, but it is extremely useful for those with remote investment land.

It has been over a decade since Google Earth was first introduced. While it was originally launched as a form of desktop program, Google just revamped and re-launched the program not too long ago as a web application. This gives you interactive and three-dimensional twist on foundations Google Maps laid down, making Google Earth an ideal tool to tour different areas.

Since the software works in browsers, it is now easier to get started. There are two options available after going to the site. You can click on the button labeled Launch Google Earth to explore or you can scroll down further to choose one of the pre-made packages of Google. If you will be using it a lot, just get the app for your desktop. Be sure to get Google earth Pro when doing this.

Some basic controls need to be understood first. 

How to use Google Earth to See Your Land.

  • First you need the GPS coordinates of your parcel. Any reputable land company should give you this first and foremost. But if you own land and have no idea, you first need to find this. The best way to do this is using the GIS Map offered by the county your land is in. Google something like this "Socorro County GIS Mapping" but use your county. Now, this is great because it will give you the parcel boundaries, size and all the owner information. So now you have that information and you want to use Google earth to see the area. Copy the GPS cords given into the search bar on the top left of Google Earth to see the parcel area. 

  • Now most have GIS mapping, but some rare ones do not so you need to use other methods. Possibly, parcel searches or something like a company called Parcel Fact. For $5 dollars you enter your APN and you will get the GPS cords. Overall, try the GIS map first and use the tools available on it to get the GPS cords. But just incase, use these other options. 

  • Once you have your coordinates in Google Maps you are pretty much going to be sent to a top view of your lot. From there you can zoom out and see the general area. Now, Google Earth on the left hand side has a layers area where you can add check marks to things you want to see around your parcel. Photos, Terrain, Roads and Weather are a great start. Photos are so amazingly useful and such a great feature for seeing the area around your land. What pretty much happens is users all over the world take pictures in the exact spot where this photo box is on the map. So when you click on those photos you will see the picture of a point of interest in that area. These things usually make your land stand out as nearby attractions are great for land you own nearby. Above on Google Earth you will see useful tools to measure in miles the distance of nearby objects. You can use a line or even a path for this. For all the tools just hover over it and let the mouse sit for second, it will tell you what the tool is.  

  • Last but not least, if you really want to get into more features there are several add-on programs that work with Google Earth. But the most useful one for land is easily Parlay, this add-on costs money monthly but it will give you parcel boundaries and address owner information. Say some guy has an eye sore on your land but you have zero clue what his mailing address is. You can find his address on here to send him a letter. It is quite a useful option and you can cancel at any time. 



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