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BLM Camping: Best Kept Secret

Are you familiar with BLM land? There are some intriguing aspects that many are unaware of. First off, what exactly is BLM land and how does it affect you? In essence, BLM land refers to federal land overseen by the Bureau of Land Management, encompassing approximately 247 million acres across the United States.

Since 1946, about 1/8th of America's land has been designated as protected federal land. However, this land serves various purposes for the government, beyond just preserving its natural beauty. It is utilized for activities such as livestock grazing, timber harvesting, extracting natural resources, energy development, and overall land preservation for future endeavors.

So, how does this impact you? Significantly! BLM land offers numerous benefits to the general public.

Exploring the Great Outdoors: Free Camping on BLM Land

While BLM Land can serve as camping grounds akin to national parks, it also provides opportunities for free camping.

This particular aspect is often underutilized. Why? Mainly because many people are unaware of the fact that camping on BLM land is permissible.

While camping on BLM land may lack amenities like restrooms and designated camping sites, it presents a chance to save money by identifying the locations of BLM land and setting up a tent or parking an RV.

Free camping on BLM land is permitted, but it is crucial to ensure that the land is not privately owned and to review any usage restrictions on the official website, a topic we will delve into later, as there are convenient ways to access more information about the land in your vicinity.

When camping on BLM land, you are not violating any laws. However, the duration is limited to 14 days per zone. Essentially, you can relocate to another area after 14 days and restart the period, unveiling another secret we will discuss shortly.

Camping on BLM land typically offers a remote camping experience, where you are likely to find yourself alone in the wilderness.

Nonetheless, there are exceptions, such as Joshua Tree in California, where you may encounter other individuals engaged in similar activities, albeit widely dispersed.

The Hidden Gem: Living on BLM Land

While it may not be everyone's aspiration and is generally deemed unauthorized, following the regulations enables you to essentially reside rent-free on BLM land. This is made possible by the fact that BLM land permits a 14-day stay per zone, which are akin to parcels. If you have the means to relocate, you can switch areas every 14 days.

Imagine owning an RV and being self-sufficient, allowing you to live off the grid and carry on with your daily life. Most BLM land is situated in remote areas, so do not expect utilities or the usual conveniences found in national park campgrounds.

Some individuals, as you may have heard, embark on extended backpacking trips in mountain ranges for six months or a year, showcasing another exciting possibility on BLM land. These individuals essentially leverage BLM land, living like explorers.

Overall, whether you are in a tight spot or simply seeking to break free, you now have a residence and a means to live without infringing on someone else's property, all rent-free.

Where to Find BLM Camping

Alaska, Arizona, and California are renowned as some of the prime areas for BLM land. These locations offer fantastic opportunities!

It is worth noting that 1/8th of the land in America is designated as BLM land, providing numerous other locations and states to explore.

Identifying a suitable location based on your mode of travel is best done online. For RV owners, flat land with easy access is ideal. If you prefer camping, feel free to explore mountain peaks and lesser-visited areas.

You can also hunt on BLM land, although state licenses are mandatory, and local offices should be consulted to ensure compliance, as certain BLM land areas prohibit hunting.

Apps for BLM Camping

Fortunately, technology is at our disposal, enabling us to easily find BLM land using government-provided websites. This method also facilitates adherence to restrictions specific to each area. Through their web app gallery, you can identify BLM land based on your requirements and ensure that the land's regulations align with your needs.

Interested in discovering more? Here is the website: BLM Land Guide

For those seeking an app, rest assured that one exists in the form of the USFS & BLM Campgrounds app. This app allows you to travel and locate destinations on the go, even without internet connectivity in remote areas.

Apple Store: BLM App

Apple Store: US Public Land app

The Benefits of Investing in BLM Land

Interestingly, some BLM land is available for purchase or is already owned. However, only US citizens are eligible to acquire this land, and it can be relatively inexpensive. Some parcels may have usage restrictions, so it is essential to ensure that the land meets your requirements or is devoid of any restrictions.

For certain parcels, maintaining the land in its current state may be obligatory. However, some BLM land is sold for various uses, including construction, residential living, or livestock grazing.

One popular reason for purchasing BLM land is to obtain mineral rights, with large corporations utilizing the land for extracting resources like metals or oil.

Information on purchasing BLM land can be obtained from local BLM offices. Additionally, some parcels may be sold by private individuals who previously acquired the land and are now looking to sell it.

Preserve Our Beautiful Land

It is essential to acknowledge that having access to BLM land is a valuable privilege not commonly offered by other countries. Therefore, it is crucial to uphold the cleanliness and beauty of these lands.



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