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FAQ about LandZero 

How does this process work? It's Simple, once you pick out a property you like just chose the payment terms that match your needs. The amount due will be used for your first months payment. So that means you don't have to put a big down payment upfront and you have already started paying off the land. Once your initial  purchase is complete, we will send you a contract based on your payment terms chosen within 2 business days by email. You will then review and electronically sign the agreement. We will then send a link for you to set up your account payment portal with monthly payment due dates. Here you can see all the payments due and even set up easy auto pay. Once the property is paid in full, the land is yours and we will record the deed with the county within 30 days. 

What do I get when I purchase a property? We send you out a packet both by mail and email. This includes a welcome packet with all the information and details about the property. We will also need some of the paperwork back, this can be done either by email or mail so we have information to record your deed when it's paid off. Once paid in full the deed is recorded, sent to you and you are now a property owner. 

Can I visit the property or how do I check it out? 
Yes, you can visit the property. If you can't there is always different avenues to do this such as google earth or hiring someone local to check it out and take pictures. 

Can I pay the contract off early or Add a Downpayment? Yes, there are no pre payment penalties so you can pay off the land at anytime. If you want to make a downpayment to lower your monthly payment just send us an email before the contract is signed. We will calculate new payment terms based on the downpayment you choose and send you a revised payment contract to sign.  

Can I get title insurance when I buy a lot? Absolutely, if that is something you want for your lot then feel free. It can often be pretty cheap depending on the state, it's also recommended to find a title company in the state the land is located in.  Title insurance would have to be paid for by the buyer and you should know it can take a title company a week or so to do this. 

What about Zoning, Mineral rights and Land Use? We put the zoning on each listing but it's up to the buyer to check and make sure it's right for their use. Most lots have a ton of options on what you can build or how you can use it. It's best to call the county or go online with the Legal description or APN to find out. Mineral rights we don't change anything or mess with this. The Deed is given to you like it was given to us. Mineral rights are something we do not verify or guaranty upon sale. To date we have not ran into any issues about this. 

When can I use the property? If full payment is made and the deed is transferred to you, it's yours to do with it what you want. If you are on a payment plan then use of the land is restricted till you have paid off the land in full. If you have a need to do improvements on the land, contact us by email and we will not reasonably withhold this option for you. For obvious reasons we need to do this. One could chop down the trees, wreck the land, put a trailer on it and default on the lot. At that point we would have to rectify the damage caused and this could come back on the buyer. 

How does your monthly payment system work? Our payment portal is easy and keeps track of your payments, how much you still owe and payment due dates. Auto payment options are the best way to keep up on this and none of your monthly payments will ballon or increase on your contract. Payments will need to be made in a timely manor or late fees will apply. 

Is the LandZero company a good place to buy land? We set out on a different mission because land can be very tricky and it shouldn't be for the average person. Before LandZero started we saw other companies writing deeds for the lots that explain major potential issues the average buyer wouldn't know about. Also random people selling lots on websites under the respected land websites name, that can be scary. There are a lot of types of deeds with any properties, some could leave you with a really bad deal if you don't understand it. We decided to sell only quality deeds with safety for our buyers. Due to this we have to pass on a lot of land we buy because they can have issues. We are listing more and more land so check back often. We make sure our land is something we are proud to own and hold as an investment. We simply refuse to have hundreds of lots that are unattractive to us.

What is your cancelation and refund policy? All sales are final at the time of purchase so make sure it's right for you. If you decided to cancel the contract there will be no refund because another purchaser could of had the opportunity and  would continue payments. Canceling mid contract can be done by email but no refunds are given for payments made. This is a loss for us because other buyers are happy to pay them off or pay in full. Lack of payment or Cancelling on your contract will not be reported to any credit bureau in any way. But you will lose out on the opportunity to own the land and it will be placed back for sale on the site. 

When do I get the property and deed? Once it is paid in full we record the deed transfer to the county. Depending on the county this can take anywhere between two weeks to a month. You will receive a copy of the deed and the original from the county. Taxes and HOA's if applicable will all be current when you take it over. Details on how to make all property related payments will be sent to you and you are responsible to make the payments on the property once you own it.

Do I have to qualify for buying land here? No, anyone can buy land here without any credit checks and even internationally. We don't require down payments and if you finance it just make your monthly payments. We do not contact or disclose anything to a credit bureau. 

Is land a good investment? Have you ever seen a lot in a major city with a sign on it for sale? These can be sold for huge amounts depending on location and city. Some of these were bought at a very low price a while ago and just increased in value as the area got more popular. That's one heck of a return! Land ownership is also very cheap compared a home with mortgage payments and maintenance. Depending on what the lot, you could end up just paying $30 a year on property taxes and that's it! If it has an HOA you will pay that as well, but you know your property and area is being maintained well. 

What if I have more questions? We would be happy to help, the quickest way is using our contact form on the menu bar or emailing - A representative will respond promptly during business hours and even weekends.