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Owner financed Land for sale

Owner Financed Land: Read This First!

Raw land, in our opinion, is by far the most underrated investment currently available. It is so overlooked by your average investor and it's always for the same reasons. We often hear, land just sits there and doesn't provide me secondary income. For one, that's not always the case and secondly that's kinda the point, the maintenance free aspect of the investment is key.  Post Covid, the CARES act took effect, a renter in your investment home was allowed to not pay rent and you couldn't evict them. Could you imagine, taking a mortgage loan that costs you $2000+ month while...

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Arizona Cheap Land

Why is Land So Cheap in Arizona

Arizona is a captivating state with breathtaking natural beauty, featuring the iconic Grand Canyon, stunning desert landscapes, and vibrant sunsets. Its warm climate, diverse wildlife, outdoor recreational opportunities, and beautiful adobe Spanish home designs make it a top spot in recent years for real estate. So why is land so cheap in Arizona? The Housing Crisis of 2008 in Arizona The 2008 housing crisis had a massively significant impact on Arizona. The state experienced one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country, as the housing market collapsed and home values plummeted. Many homeowners faced foreclosure, leading to a decline...

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Foreign Land Ownership

Countries That Allow Foreign Land Ownership

Foreign ownership of Land or Real Estate can be quite attractive. Especially if your money can go further in another county. This can often be an attractive option during retirement years, selling your home and getting a luxury home in another country for 1/10 of the cost of what it would be in your own country. While not all countries convert this way, some can and do.  Before we get into the list, navigating foreign ownership can be difficult. In some countries it's as simple and straightforward as being a normal citizen. However, in other countries there can be restrictions, scams, rules...

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Retirement Goals

Retirement Goals: Top 5 States With Cheap Land to Build On

A lot of people are entering into the age of retirement and along with that comes worry sometimes. You have a 401k, some savings and maybe a home already. You expect some government social security but at the same time your worried if your money will outlive you. The last thing you want is to be too old to work and broke. It's because of this that more and more people are leaving expensive states, finding land in cheaper states and building out the home they always wanted to.  There are some very specific strategies to consider when doing this....

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