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Homesteading for cheap

7 Cheap Ways to Start Homesteading - A How To Guide

Homesteading aligns with the principles of the "back to the land" movement, particularly relevant in contemporary bustling times. This term gained prominence during the counterculture movement of the 1960s and 1970s in the United States, as individuals sought a return to rural living characterized by self-sufficiency. Given the escalating costs of essentials such as food, fuel, and housing, many individuals are turning to homesteading as a means of achieving self-reliance. Some individuals are driven by the desire to optimize their land use for cost-saving purposes.Embarking on a homesteading lifestyle necessitates adequate space, be it a backyard, undeveloped land, or a...

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Disaster Prep

Disaster Preparedness - Why You Should Consider Land

Disasters seem to be happening more all over the world in a strange way. Whether natural or human-made, they can strike with little warning. Causing immeasurable suffering for many including potentially your family in the case of such disaster. In an era where the frequency and intensity of disasters are on the rise, disaster preparedness has never been more critical. Disaster preparedness is vital, even if you just choose to have kits and water to sustain yourself. However, there's a unique strategy some of those living in the big cities have. Particularly raw land, a place to get out and...

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Foreigners buying American Land

Why Foreign Investors are Buying American Land

Within the last 5 or so year, foreign investors have shown a massive interest in buying land in the United States. Sometimes sweeping up 1000s of acres at a time. This trend reflects the impact of many recent events, including currency fluctuations, inflation, world stability and the allure and potential of the American real estate market. Which in fact has long been regarded as a safe haven for investment. While the motivations behind foreign investment in American land are diverse, the rate at which foreigners have been buying property in America is at an all time high. In this article, we will...

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Cheap Getaways

Cheap Getaways: Own Your Own Camping Destination

Could you use a cheap getaway? I think most of us could say YES. With hotel prices, plane flights and allowed time off it becomes something many can't do very often. Even the average domestic vacation depending on how long you go can run up to $1,500 per person. One way to save is camping, but just about every campground is pay to stay. The crazy part is some of them can go as high as a hotel to sleep on dirt. Also many times during a good weather season or event, you might find them sold out. So how...

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