Top 5 Reasons People Are Moving to Arizona

Top 5 Reasons People Are Moving to Arizona - LandZero

We have all had a couple rough years recently, don't you agree? This non-stop changing environment of Covid lockdowns, political changes, rise in the cost of goods, unemployment and supply chain issues have impacted all our lives and quite frankly, it's getting tiring. It's also making people rethink things, where they are living, their current job, the safety of their family and their future. 

People are making changes more than ever now, more than 15.9 million residents made some sort of temporary or permanent move during the early days of Covid-19 alone. Each person has their own personal reason for moving but that is a large amount of people making moves. 

One of the more popular states people are moving to has been Arizona. Many people think of Arizona as just some hot wide open desert, and while there is that part, there is way more to Arizona than many expect. People that visit Arizona fall in love with the beautiful adobe architecture, the warm beautiful nights, the safety, the people and affordability. But there are 5 big reasons Arizona has seen an influx of people, in this article we will fill you in on why it's so popular. 

The Top 5 Reasons People Are Moving to Arizona

The Climate

Hands down the biggest reason for the influx to Arizona is the climate. Of course, you may be wondering how 100 degree plus temperatures would be a reason but we're not exactly living in the roughest days. Having a dip in the pool can be amazing during these temperatures, the air feels amazing but it's not a humid heat.

Every building and store is air conditioned in Arizona, shopping or having a meal out is super comfortable and relieving from the heat. The hot season is late May to Mid September, temperatures can be in the 100 degree range. But if you don't like swimming, beautiful warm nights or air conditioning, Arizona still has a place for you.

Flagstaff Arizona is a good example, the peak of summer will bring max temperatures of around 80 to 85 degrees most often. It even snows in the winter there, also the homes are very beautiful and more affordable for how luxurious they are. Which brings us to the next reason people are moving to Arizona. Can you guess?

Affordable Housing

This is an interesting subject with a little history. Homes in Arizona, if you looked it up, it would show you that housing is 13% higher than the median national average. So why would affordability be on here at all, well this figure isn't exactly painting the whole picture

Keep in mind, as of 2021 we are seeing housing prices at a peak nation wide. Also, there are a lot of luxury homes pushing up this median. In fact, Arizona has some of the most extravagant homes you could picture. Take a look on Zillow at Flagstaff and you will get an idea, just sort using high to low prices and it will start around the 5 million range.

In cities like Scottsdale you will find a much higher value range and luxury shopping and dining all around the town. However, you can still find very affordable homes in other nearby areas when compared to other states for an equally equivalent home. 

Raw land is also a steal in Arizona, for now. They have super relaxed counties and low property taxes, you could build just about anything you want in a lot of places without worry of the government stepping in. Land in Arizona can get as low as a couple thousand dollars and you can hold it year after year easily with property taxes as low as $5 a year. 

On to the history part, in 2008 during the housing collapse many investors saw opportunity. There were 4 unit apartment complexes as low as $30,000 which is unheard of. Arizona has a lot of vacation properties which are the first things fire sold during a housing down turn. So if you have the time to wait and have been saving, there may be great opportunities in your future. 

Job Market

Over 50% of the people in the United States are unhappy in their job according to Forbes. And on average, 1/3 of  peoples life is spent working. Those are some unsettling figures if you think about it and as you can imagine impact quality of life. But if you're brave enough and looking for change, moving to Arizona for a job might be a great decision

Arizona has nine cities with some of the best employment conditions. Many companies have been migrating businesses to Arizona for tax breaks and the quality of workers. Tech jobs are also growing in Arizona which is a great sign for the future of Arizona as a state all together. 

For blue collar workers there are tons of jobs too, huge amounts of construction are ongoing in Arizona and all sort of hands on jobs can be found, especially in the more remote areas where land and homes are more affordable. 


Arizona has some absolutely beautiful places and a ton of fun things to do. Here are some of the top things to do see and do. 

  • Hiking - Sedona & Tucson have some of the prettiest desert landscape for hiking
  • Golfing - Arizona is a huge golfing destination
  • Water Parks - In the heat of summer, spending a day at the water park can be an amazing day alone 
  • Wine Tasting - Arizona has a very popular wine culture scene
  • Shopping - Some of the nicest stores are in Scottsdale with luxury abound
  • Grand Canyon - Grand Canyon is one of the most popular destinations in Arizona
  • Boating - Lake Havasu is a popular destination for boating and parties
  • The Food - If you like Mexican food, look no further, the Phoenix area is a mecca for it
  • Hoover Dam - An awe inspiring site to visit
  • Tombstone - If you like history this is a must see, an old historic active western town
  • Petrified Forest - Huge national park with unique petrified trees everywhere
  • Antelope Canyon - One of the most photographed places due to its unique beauty
  • Fishing - There are many lakes and even streams with great fishing in Arizona
  • Hunting - Black bears, white-tailed deer, bighorn sheep, bison, elk, mountain lions and more
  • More - Yep, much more...the list could go on and on

Cost of Living

Tucson AZ is the 4th lowest cost of living city in the whole nation according to But, there are many cities in Arizona where cost of living is great compared to its counterparts. 

Taxes, while moderately assessed compared to other states has a great social security retirement perk where they don't tax social security compared to other states. Also, property taxes are capped, they can be quite low to begin with depending on the county, as property values go up you can hit a capped level and not worry about ongoing years paying more taxes. 

Compared to the income you can earn and housing affordably, the taxes, while not the lowest in the nation are at a reasonable level for what Arizona has to offer. 

In conclusion, if you haven't been to Arizona pay the state a visit and you will be pleasantly surprised how nice it is. The beautiful landscapes, nice people, good food and relaxing weather at night is enough to fall in love with this place alone. We hope you enjoyed this article, if you are interested in getting started in Arizona with land under $10k visit here.

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