How to Rent out Your Raw Land and Put Cash in Your Pocket

How to Rent out Your Raw Land and Put Cash in Your Pocket

Do you want to make the most out of your raw land?

Many raw land owners are surprised to know that they can actually enjoy an unexpected flow of cash from renting their property.

Hipcamp is a venture-backed startup that is quickly growing in popularity as owners discover the perks of renting raw land to camping enthusiasts and nature lovers from different parts of the world. Thanks to the help of the internet, land owners can draw the interest and attention of potential renters from all over the globe, from England, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, and so much more.

The main goal of Hipcamp is to help people locate and book good campsites through promoting the so-called land sharing concept. Just like how vacation rentals are listed in Airbnb, raw land owners can list vineyards, nature preserves, farms, and ranches for rent on Hipcamp, with the campers having a chance to browse according to availability, pricing, and location.

Right now, Hipcamp lists around 10,000 private campsites in the country that range from public campsites and private land to tiny homes and cabins. The figures continue to add by thousands every month.

According to Alyssa Ravasio, the CEO of Hipcamp, land sharing is a great way to share the beautiful natural habitat and ecosystem with other people who truly care about nature. Ravasio started to build the site as a form of passion project back in 2013.

The launch of Hipcamp in Tennessee is well timed, with the solar eclipse right around the corner on the 21st of August and tourism officials of Tennessee are estimating 1.4 million visitors for that event that only happens once in a lifetime.

Hipcamp markets campsites on the path of totality that includes choices in Tennesee. Ravasio added that they think the eclipse is a very powerful natural phenomenon that is very special to be seen out on the land.

How Hipcamp Started

Ravasio is a resident of California and an outdoors lover who was inspired to introduce Hipcamp after she shared her frustrations with friends about the challenges of locating good campsites.

Ravasio said that she heard again and again the concern that all good campsites are fully booked and there is nowhere to go. They decided to come up with more campsites to unlock stunning private land.

Hipcamp grew its listings through reaching out to people to explain how it works, which include the insurance policy for the quality hosts as well as the integrated marketing that comes when a property is listed for rent on the site. These are two cost-prohibitive factors which might otherwise discourage a person from renting their raw land.

According to Ravasio, Hipcamp listings grow by word of mouth as property owners now get more campers.

Renting raw land is no doubt a very lucrative form of investment these days that make more people want to find a property they can put their cash into. Raw land creates a sustainable flow of cash that you can use for your everyday needs or even turn the venture into a bigger and more serious one later on.

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