How to Prepare Your House for AirBnb and Make More Money

How to Prepare Your House for AirBnb and Make More Money

Some Airbnb hosts are rented out way more then others, it's not always because of the size or prime location. People want a unique experience, nice atmosphere and comfortable home like environment. 

The Airbnb site, as most know by now, is where hosts can rent out their individual rooms or homes to guests. This is often at a lower cost than luxury or moderately priced hotels. The perk is also a great stay in a place that feels like a home. But this can also be your chance to join the bandwagon and earn some cash on the side if you have a place. Also some of the most rented out places are not just home. Some of their top are tiny homes, airstreams and alternative housing. Things you can do for cheap on some land if you do it right. But this article is not about that, it is about making your place different then others and ready to use for AirBnb. To get started, below are some simple tips on how you can prepare your house for Airbnb.

How to Prepare Your House for Airbnb

Add Some Sparkle to Your Home

No one in their sane mind will want to stay even for an hour in a dirty and messy lodging. Thus, you have to go that extra mile to ensure that you will leave a great first impression on guests. You will be surprised how they might end up finding dirt in places you never checked before. You can hire a reliable cleaning service to perform deep cleaning. You can also do the job on your own. Stuff the bathroom with fluffy towels and make sure the bed/s have clean linens. Create a nice environment inside that is unique with art, simple designs, comfortable places to site and a stunning outdoor landscape. 

Remove personal items

It is natural for humans to be inquisitive, not to mention that you don’t personally know the people who will stay in your house. Put away those things that you wouldn’t want your guests to see, whether these are personal photos, jewelry, passports, or even firearms. People want a home environment but also almost a hotel environment at the same time. So no personalized items that make a guest feel like they just crashed someones house for a few days. You really want a hotel feel when it comes to this.

Address Potential Hazards

Make sure you deal with any potential danger that may pose risks to your guests. Repair loose steps, put away chemicals so children won’t reach them, cover exposed wiring, clean your chimney, replace broken smoke alarms, install CO detectors, and others. Some people may be having a relaxing time or even a bit of a wild night out. You do not want strange hazards around that could eventually put you in legal trouble. 

Prepare Supplies for Your Guests

Some of the things that should be kept handy to make sure that your guests will have a comfortable stay in your home include the following:

  • Iron and ironing board

  • Extra blankets

  • Toilet paper

  • Microwave

  • New toothbrushes

  • Toothpaste

  • Tissues

  • Soap

  • Paper towels

  • First aid kit

  • DVD selections

  • Working remotes for video player and TV

  • Fans

  • Extra light bulbs

Leave Instructions

Guests will also want to know how to access your WiFi, use the TV or other electronics in your home. If they will wash their clothes or dishes, they will also need instructions for the dryer, washer, and dishwasher. Explain the security system and the house key’s code if this in a special type in a lockbox.

Write and Explain House Rules

Is smoking allowed? If yes, designate an area and put ash trays there. Are pets allowed? If yes, list the specific rules and let them know about pet-friendly parks and nearby places where their furry friends might enjoy. Give them the emergency phone numbers and provide your contact details in case of emergency.

Design a unique experience 

Some of the most rented out places are very unique while others are luxury or destination friendly. The unique places can be some of the biggest money makers too. Think about a plot of land, these can be quite cheap and design options are unlimited because you will build it. Consider an alternative housing set up that would attract someone to try something different. Off grid homes, adobe homes, airstream trailers, luxury tents and tiny homes. Create a great inside with nice amenities and decor. Then focus on the outside, this can be your selling point with these alternative homes. A nice fire pit with wonderful chairs goes a long way, add in wood for them and kindle. Get creative with landscaping, make it really unique with things like koi ponds, night lighting hanging from high places, rock paths to other areas, hammocks on trees and so much more. Put out games like horseshoes and even think about some chickens if you can manage them. Let them know they can have some of the eggs for the morning. People coming from the city would love this experience.  

With AirBnb you can make quite a bit of money, but you need to stand out from the rest. Browse through other homes to get ideas, you can look at some of the best ranking to determine the popularity of them. 

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