How do I Start Buying Land?

How do I Start Buying Land?

Finding the most ideal home site actually goes beyond discovering a place with an amazing view. Same goes with investing, you want to find something that has something unique nearby or it is a good neighborhood that is growing. However, before you buy any raw land, make sure to consider some important factors.

What’s the First Thing to Consider?

Savvy people searching for a raw land for sale use different methods to find the best available property. These include scanning on local newspapers, researching bank foreclosures, querying farmers, evictions or tax sales. For many, real estate agents are the best source to find the best sites.

However, most of these are upwards of $200k plus and tax sales will leave you a bad deed. It’s also common to end up paying way more than expected. If you are looking for a starter investment under $10k, you can find these on LandZero. There are other sites, however you must ask about the deed it comes with, many of these companies will sell you deeds that are not too valuable and have issues. Also, are they third party sellers, a ton of land sites let anyone go up on there and sell you land. It is very important to have a reputable seller in cheaper land, because a third party can write a deed and sell that deed to a few people. It can get ugly, so that is why we started an honest company with clear land deals. So what should you look for?

Factors to Consider

  • Water and Sewer Issues

Before you can construct a home, health inspectors would visit your website to conduct perc test that would establish the rate of drainage of the land for septic system purposes. It will determine where you could place your repair and primary drainage fields or determine if you need to install custom system that can raise the costs of sewer septic up to 5 times.

You should also check about the living conditions when it comes to water table as well as flooding. Be cautious of rocky soil and lowlands and take note that clay drains poorly while a sandy soil drains rapidly. Streams and ponds can be contaminated by a sewer septic system.


Generally, electrical connection is expensive compared to water and septic considerations. So, it is worthy of your time to ask your local power company about any future development in terms of electricity in your area. Or if you plan on doing solar then make sure the areas weather will support your needs.

  • Road Access

Other than having the title analyzed to ensure that the property isn’t land-locked, you will have to do some kind of research when it comes to road access. Will special roads have to be created to bring in the equipment to dig wells? Will you need a forklift for lifting heavy things? If yes, you have to factor in the building cost in one-time access that could run into 5 figures. You would also like to investigate the possible expansion of the public roads around or on your desired site. The engineering department of your local transportation department can answer questions regarding future developments since some proposals are docketed for several years in advance.

  • Environmental Problems

Another possible hindrance to how or where you can build is environmental regulation. It is important to ask the regulatory agencies regarding these concerns. You can also ask the neighbors, lawyers, and agents or company selling your land if it is not disclosed for some reason.

It might seem to be an overwhelming task to buy a raw land, particularly with those above mentioned factors that you must keep in mind. However, if you want to make a home that blends with nature, it is worth it to keep those factors in mind. Also investing in land can be hugely profitable so it is best to buy from a reputable company.

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