How Big is One Acre

How Big is One Acre

Most likely if you are looking to see how big one acre is you are talking about land. This could be raw land or land with a home. But until you stand on one acre and see for yourself, you may not realize how big it actually is. Lets start with some fun facts about it. 

Fun Facts about how big one acre really is. 

1 acre vineyard

When it comes to wine! Everyone loves wine. 1 acre can have 400 vines on it, which can produce 322 cases of wine.

- One acre of Soybeans can produce over 80,000 crayons. Yes the ones you color with, they are made of soybean oil.

- One acre of wheat can produce enough bread for a family of four to eat for 10 years.

- One acre is about the size of a football field.

- One acre of peanuts can make over 25,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  

- You can park around 150 cars in a one acre lot.


So that probably gives you a good clue of how big an acre is. In square feet that calculates into 43,560 sq ft. So if you have a 5,000 sq ft home, which is really big. Your are still going to have a lot of land to work with. It's good to note that one acre could take you a while to walk around which gives a great sense of ownership about your land. Now, it's really not until you stand on an acre or 10 acres!! That you really get a grasp for the size of it. With 10 acres of land you could ride an ATV for a long time around the perimeter of your land. It's really quite impressive to think you actually own all that. 

One thing to note is not all countries go by acres. So you may be in a Spanish speaking country and see hectors. You may think to yourself, oh that's acres in Spanish. Well it's not, it's actually a different measurement in land. One acre of land is about 0.40 hectors of land, this is commonly used in countries like Costa Rica for example. 

Overall, if you live in America the best way to picture it is a football field. A football field is a bit bigger. But one acre is approximately 90% of the football field. 

 Some other things to note is land can sometimes be sold for a price per acre total. This is commonly used for really large land to give the value of each acre. Counties can also survey and tax your land in a similar manor. So it's good to check into these things with the county and tax area first. If you own 200 acres and they raise the price per acre to tax you, that can really add up. Another thing to note is not all acres are the same. Meaning one can be a really nice square acre lot and another one can be the shape of a pencil. Which can really turn out to be useless, but strangely enough they are out there. Make sure to look at plot maps and see the shape of the land first. A 1 acre lot for sale may not be what you think. 

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