Business Ideas for Vacant Land

Business Ideas for Vacant Land

Are you preparing to buy yourself a piece of vacant land? Do you have it already and don't know what you'll do with it exactly? Think you'll build yourself a family home? Embark on some business adventures? If the answer to the last question was a loud and clear YES, we've got something to talk about today! We've prepared an article on some business suggestions you'll hopefully appreciate! Here are seven business ideas for vacant land.

#1 A spot for vacations

Does the vacant land you are considering or own have any structures on it. If so, here's a suggestion: you can make it into a neat vacation home for outdoor lovers. You can rent it out to people who will appreciate the wildlife around your property. Also, one can make this vacation home into a spiritual retreat for yoga or meditation practitioners. And if there are no structures on the land, you can organize a beautifully-looking campsite! You'll want to be sure the surrounding nature's appealing to people!

A vacation rental on your vacant land might be a good business idea!

A house on the shore

#2 Events

With the COVID19 pandemic nearing its end, the time has come to think about all the mass events and festivals more optimistically. We're talking post-pandemic let's-get-together euphoria. The timing's just right! How about all those weddings we've missed? You'll probably have a line of couples waiting to hold an event in your countryside hideaway! You can even mix the purpose of your property: people can either host mass events or small family gatherings. Aside from little maintenance tasks and a little cleaning, there won't be much else to do for you to handle this setting. That's because the land you'll buy will probably already have the needed infrastructure. There's a good chance you won't have to invest more money into your let's-buy-vacant-landbusiness idea.

#3 Christmas tree farm

How about you set up a Christmas tree farm on your newly bought vacant land? Of course, it's not all milk and honey; you'll have to wait for quite some time for those trees to grow. However, they'll become a pretty sustainable holiday business once they're good to go. If you want an early start, you might purchase the first few years' worth of trees for folks to buy them from you. You'll make a name for yourself even before the trees you've planted reach the desired height. Also, you might want to think about this as something you'd call a side-business idea since it won't bring you profits all year round.

How about you plant yourself a Christmas tree colony? It's a fantastic side-business idea!

#4 Boat or RV or any other storage

Boats and RVs are popular storage options since most of their owners don't have enough space to store them on their property, and that's where you come into the picture. Also, people are ready to pay some good money for someone to look after their boats and RVs during the off-season. Moreover, many businesses need self-storage facilities like dry land needs rain. You can also add self-storage units to your property. If you're wondering what kind of businesses demand the self-storage option, you'll want to know that many sectors benefit from this. For instance, many online sellers don't have large enough homes to hold all the stuff they're selling (although they'd like to).

#5 Horse stables

Experts are saying that horse stables are booming all over the country. People like to have their own horses. However, not many of them have the necessary conditions (for instance, land) to accommodate these majestic creatures. You're able to build your very own horse stables. Alternatively, you can allow visitors to ride on your land if there is enough space and the terrain is adequate. Many folks who do this line of work request clients to pay top dollars for such an option (sometimes even $400+ per month). The closer your land is to the city, the more money you can request! Just do your research wisely!

#6 Glamping pods

If you're wondering what glamping is, just put two words together: glamorous + camping. It's like camping, just with a bit more luxury. When glamping, you're surrounded by fantastic nature, yet you're enjoying all the advantages of a hotel stay (WiFi, heating, bathroom, etc.). It's a perfect idea for a weekend trip, and it's getting more and more popular (especially in the USA and Europe). Your investment in this business branch will probably be quite expensive. However, investing in a booming industry is recommended (if you've got the funds to support it).

Setting up a glamping site on your vacant land might be a costly investment, but it'll pay off quite nicely in the long run!

A woman sitting outside a glamping cabin, representing one of the business ideas for vacant land

#7 Plant a vineyard (make your own wine)

Of course, we've saved the best for last. The last of our business ideas for vacant land we'll show you today is bottling and selling your own wine. Also, aside from making and selling your delicious wines, you can provide folks with various other wine-related activities (such as vineyard tours, local wine tastings, etc.).

With wine on our minds, we end this article on business ideas for vacant land! Even if you haven't found anything you are particularly interested in, these ideas can wake your imagination and be a good starting point for you to think of something entirely new. Whatever you come up with, don't rush. Do your research carefully, create a sound business plan, and talk to a few professionals. A financial advisor can help you run the numbers and figure out if you have the means to accomplish your goals.

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