BLM Camping - The Best Kept Secret

BLM Camping - The Best Kept Secret - LandZero

Have you heard of BLM land before? Well there are some interesting things many don't know about this land. Fist what exactly is BLM land and how does it impact you?

In short, BLM land is federal land watched by the Bureau of Land Management. It consists of around 247 million acres in the United States. Starting in 1946, around 1/8th of the land in America was considered protected federal land. However, this land has use for the government, not just to preserve beauty. Much of it purposed for livestock, timber harvesting, natural resources, energy development and overall preservation of land for future uses. 

How does this impact you though? In a major way! BLM land has some amazing uses for everyday people. 

Yes, Free Camping on BLM Land.

While BLM Land can be national park camping grounds, it can also offer free camping.

This is the one thing not taken advantage of enough, Why? Because most people don't know you can just camp on it. 

While BLM land will not have the comfort of bathrooms and drawn out camp sites. You can save a lot of money knowing where BLM land is located and pitch a tent or park the RV.

Free camping on BLM is allowed, but make sure it is not someones land and check use restrictions on the website. This we will cover later, because there are easy ways to know more about the land in your area.

While camping on BLM land, you are not breaking the law. But it is limited for 14 days, that is 14 days per zone. So essentially you can move to the next are and start the clock again which reveals another secret we cover next.

Camping on BLM is a remote type of camping, chances are you will be out there by yourself.

However, there are exceptions, like Joshua Tree in California. This area typically has people out there doing the same thing, everyone for the most part will be quite spread out. 

The Secret, Living on BLM Land

While not everyones goal, and considered not allowed. You can follow the rules and essentially live rent free on BLM land

This is due to the fact that BLM land allows for 14 days per zone, which are similar to parcels. If you have the ability to move, you can change areas every 14 days. 

Imagine having an RV and being self sustained. Meaning you can get by off the grid and simply do your normal life. Most BLM land is also remote so don't expect utilities and the normal comforts a national park campground has. 

Some people which you probably have heard about, take a six months or 1 year hiatus backpacking a mountain range. Also a cool possibility on BLM land.

These people are basically taking advantage of BLM land, living like explores. 

Overall, if you are in a bind or just want to break free. You now have a home and a means to live without encroaching on someones land rent free.

Where is it?

Some of the well known and best areas for BLM land is Alaska, Arizona and California. Pretty awesome spots!

Keep in mind, 1/8th of the land in America is BLM so there are plenty of other spots and states. 

Finding a place that suits your means of travel is best can be done online. If you have an RV you need flat land and access to it. If you are camping, feel free to hit the peaks and less travelled areas. 

You can also hunt on BLM land, but licenses are required per state and you will need to check with local offices to make sure. Some BLM land does prohibit this. 

How to Find BLM Land

Technology is your friend, and we are lucky to live in such times. An easy way to find BLM land is simply using the government provided sites. 

It's also the best way to follow restriction guidelines. Using their web app gallery, you can find BLM land based on your needs and make sure certain rules of that land are allowed for your needs. 

Care to see more. Here is the website BLM Land Guide

If you are looking for an app, rest assured there is one using the USFS & BLM Campgrounds app. This will allow you to travel and find where to go on the fly. It can also be used without service if you are remote. 

Here is the link to the apple store app BLM App

Another good one is the US public land app, doing the same thing in a different layout. This one is great for select searches and great mapping 

Here is the link to the apple store app US Public Land App

Buying BLM Land 

Some BLM land is actually for sale, or already owned. The land is only offered to US citizens though, but it can be quite cheap. It may or may not have limitations to the land use, so make sure it fits your needs or you have land with no uses. 

For some land you would need to keep as is. However, some BLM is sold suitable for use. This could mean building, living or having livestock on the land. 

Some popular uses to purchase BLM land is obtaining mineral rights. Mostly big corporations using the land for its resources like metals or oil. 

Finding BLM land to buy can be found at the local BLM office. Some is actually sold by private sellers too, such as someone who previously purchased it and they want to sell it. 

Take Care of Our Beautiful Land

It should be noted, having BLM land to use is a nice privilege not often offered by other counties. 

Be sure to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of it. 

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