Is Having an HOA Good or Bad? Let's View the Benefits First.

Is Having an HOA Good or Bad? Let's View the Benefits First.

HOA or Homeowners Associations become increasingly common in neighborhoods. Often, complaints are heard about the strictness of homeowners associations and numerous rules should be followed. But, it’s essential to understand the many benefits that come with HOA involvement. Without them and depending on the area, you can have more headaches with neighbors than you ever expected. Worse yet, your property value can significantly drop because the overall area is not maintained to a standard. I know the payments aren't fun, but lets look at the value it adds. It really may be worth it in the long run.

Increased Home Value

The presence of highly functional HOA can increase home value in neighborhood. The regulations and rules established by HOA are made to protect the property’s value. The main purpose of HOA is to ensure that a group or an individual can’t impact the home’s market value negatively in neighborhood. As results, a rule becomes a necessity. While numerous people can be turned off by regulations and rules, it’s one of the main reasons that HOA remain popular. Without the rules, homeowners could act without the consequences. Due to this, few homeowners would have to impact the majority in a negative manner.


Majority of HOA have the benefit of giving the neighborhood with a lot of amenities including pools, golf courses, tennis courts, protective gates, and others. Other than that, the fees on HOA can be utilized for ground maintenance that can help keep the neighborhood’s appearance. With this, the neighborhood develops community oriented atmosphere. The amenities added can increase the enjoyment of living in communities.

Gets Rid of Community’s Detrimental Members

While HOA is responsible for enforcing the regulations and rules, the existence of HOA can prevent the unruly behavior. Homeowners who can’t comply with the regulations and rules will less likely buy a home that has HOA. Because of this, the community is more likely to share same values and goals.

Your Interests Can Be Protected

The requirements for mandatory membership might be a bit off-putting at first, yet it’s what provides HOAs organizational resources they require to lobby for members on local political level. Seventy percent of the HOAs keep track of the local government decisions as well as lobby for the best interest of their members.

Access to Community Mediation and Management

You might still have the risk of having a problem with your neighbor in an HOA community, yet the upside is you will have a way to get your problem resolved. You might have HOA management handle the problem or mediate discussions instead of getting war of words with troublesome neighbor.

Have More Control on Restrictions

If you’re renting an apartment, you’re at the mercy to build management. In single-family homes in non-HOA neighborhood, you should abide by zoning codes and laws adopted by the public bodies. With HOA, all rules are composed for and by homeowners elected by you and your neighborhoods. This technique of collective management provides you more influence over the community.

Boosts Security in the Community

Most HOA developments are actually inside the gated communities, which limit neighborhood access to invitees and residents. Other HOAs have their own private security forces. You can be assured that with HOA monitoring everything for you, you will feel much safer in your neighborhood.

To top it all, the benefits of having HOA outweigh its disadvantages. HOA holds the community to higher standard, which improves the experience for everybody.

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