Top 5 Alternative Housing Ideas

Top 5 Alternative Housing Ideas

Alternative housing is becoming a pretty popular thing in a lot of areas. This wasn't seen 10 to 15 years ago, mainly because county building restrictions would not approve them. But more and more counties and states are accepting these as viable homes. Some even encourage it, so lets take a look at some of the best top 5 in our book. 

    1. AirCrete - Our top favorite is AirCrete for several reasons. There is just something about the many options you have with creativity using AirCrete. Using a basic of concrete, air and dish soap you can build the majority of the home. This can be extremely cheap, durable and long lasting. The best part is, you don't just have to make square blocks, AirCrete can be poured into any mold imaginable. Internationally, this is actually a very popular home building material. Some cities in Germany only use this for building homes and commercial. However, in the United States most counties would think you are talking about outer space material, they had zero clue what it is. We have a few articles on Aircrete that go into way more detail so check those out to get started. 

      2. Shipping Containers - We saw a few of these in Costa Rica, they were what they sounded like. Pretty much a guy with junk in one just living dirt cheap. But some companies got involved, stacked them or put them side by side and used building material inside and outside with them. They would create doors and windows. You would be absolutely shocked how nice they come out and how modern they look when it comes to architecture. After all, if you could save on the whole frame of your home. You will save a ton of money, which can be used on the inside and outside to mold anything thing imaginable.

      3. Beer Bottle Eco Homes - Most have probably seen these in some movie or at least online. Only to be used in warm sunny climates, they have a really cool look to them and use recycled materials to get eco-friendly. Constructed with certain types of mud and clay often, or other materials. The beer bottles are inlayed and built into the walls of the home. The cool part is the way it looks for the outside and inside. Most use all sorts of different color glass bottles. 

    2. 4. Hay Bale Home - You may be thinking, how can I live in Hay? But overall you will still construct a traditional frame home. The Hay will only be used as insulation, but it works great. This hay bale home is best in warm climates to avoid any mold. It does end up saving you money and there are some really cool tricks that you couldn't do with a traditional build out. It is worth checking out to see if it works for you.

      5. Ecocapsule and Tiny Homes - If you have never seen an Ecocapsule just google it. They are pretty crazy, they have everything you need to live built right into it. Just place it on your lot in a sunny climate and you are good to go. Tiny homes have become popular as well, most have seen these. For good reason, you can build one for cheap. Make it extremely modern and even put it on wheels to make it mobile. More states are allowing these little by little, but making it mobile gives you way more options to park it. If you don't mind living in small quarters this may work for you. They also rent out a lot on AirBnb, people just want to experience it.

      So say you want to live mortgage free, create a cool small hotel or just live an alternative way. Maybe some of these options are good for you. Most can be done by yourself or with some help. These really will save you money and get you going on home ownership or some rental cash. We have more articles on some of these to get you going. Also remember to check with county restrictions before you get going. 

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