7 Fast Growing Trees for Your Land

7 Fast Growing Trees for Your Land

So, you are ready to landscape with some beautiful trees, but you also want to be alive to enjoy them. Many types of trees can sit on your land and never reach full growth for many years. While that's a great way to leave a legacy, you may want to enjoy the fruits of your labor while you're still around. 

We will show you some tricks to get your landscaping up and running quickly and some good tree choices so it goes faster. Always make sure to learn about the trees first before planting. Not all trees are created equal, some will not do well depending on the climate you live in, also the time of year you plant it. So make sure the tree is good for the weather you have at home. 

Fast Trees or Really Fast Trees?

Before we jump into the top 7 fastest growing trees for your land. There is something everyone who is planing on landscaping should know. You don't have to start from seeds when planting trees. Typically, going to a plant nursery near you or online, they should the trees in different stages of development for different prices. Meaning, you could buy a tree already growing at 2 to 3 feet for a set price. However, the same tree at 6 to 7 feet is available but for a little more cost. So, if you really wanted to get a jump on your landscaping. You can get trees that are pretty close to their full size rather then a seed in the ground. 

A very useful website for exploring and even ordering fast growing trees, is cleverly named Fast Growing Trees. This company is very established, they ship trees to your home for an amazing price and best of all, the website is informative. All the information and pictures given with each tree is enough to make a good decision. Also, they provide a very useful map of the United States for where the particular tree grows well. 

7 Fastest Growing Trees for Your Land

These trees are in no particular order, they were picked for usefulness and speed of growth. 

1. Thuja Green Giant 

Growing at 3 to 5 feet per year this tree is commonly used like a fence. Not only will it block wind but it will also block neighbors from looking in your windows. They grow very easily, and in most of the United States without issue. These trees can get very bushy and thick, farms will often use them so wind will not damage the crops. They are a fast natural fence and have a very nice thick green look. These trees take no maintenance, they are disease and drought resistant and won't have major insect problems. 

2. Tulip Poplar 

Growing at 7 to 10 feet per year the Tulip Poplar can reach a full substantial hight in about 5 years. Often they won't stop there and will probably become the biggest tree on your block eventually. This tree is picked for it's fast rate and it's beauty most of all. The Tulip Poplar changes with the seasons, from green to gold and even blossoming for some of the year. This tree is great for shade, due to its thin base you can plant them quite close together and shade a whole area eventually. The Tulip Poplar will grow in just about every state without issue.

3. Meyer Lemon Trees 

Growing to just about full hight in 5 years, this tree was added because it can provide lemons just about right away. This is a very small tree, it can be planted or kept in a pot. But if purchased at a nursery, you should have lemons on it for your tea the first year you have it. These lemons are not commonly found in stores due to the thin nature of the skin and the damage it would get being shipped in bulk production. But it's a tasty lemon indeed and can sometime resemble an orange in color. 

4. Queen Palm 

Growing at a large 25 feet tall this palm tree can reach full height in about 7 years. Nurseries are great about carrying palm trees in a large height to begin with so we added this one. There are several types of palm trees, you don't have to live in California or Florida to enjoy the beauty and island look of palms. Some will even grow in areas with light snow. 

5. Bamboo 

Growing at about 36 inches in 24 hours! Yes, we said that right! Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants. While bamboo is technically in the grass family, it's often referred to as a "bamboo tree". It also doesn't exactly look like grass and is great to landscape with so we added it to the list. Bamboo can be used as a fence for wind cover or a way to decorate your land in a unique way. It's ultra easy to grow, but check your state before planting as bamboo likes to grow in warm areas. Also, there are many types of bamboo and they grow at different heights so be sure to look into all of them. 

6. Cold Hardy Avocado 

Growing to a fruit stage in just 3 years, the Cold Hardy Avocado is the fastest growing avocado tree. Avocado trees can typically take 10 years or more to start producing avocados. So the Cold Hardy is a good option if you want guacamole before then. This tree is possible in all climates, although it will need extra care in the cold climates. This tree can be limited in height by restricting its root growth, so if you don't want a large tree, you can keep this one at about 5 to 6 feet. 

7. Pine Tree

Growing at about 2 to 3 feet per year depending on the pine, the pine tree is on the list for its cash potential and speed. Pines, although not the fastest tree in the world has some cash potential if you want to make money on your land. Many people grow pine for Christmas tree production, selling to companies who offer them to people doing seasonal lots. These only take a season to get to a good Christmas tree height. So you can make money every season and they are easy to maintain and grow. But, also used for lumber, if you have the time and the space you can do a method of chopping and regrowth in stages on your land to keep the money coming in all year. Some companies offer pines that are fast growers for these types of projects. 

Must Know Before Planting 

Planting a tree seems about as harmless as planting a flower to many people. But the vast span of roots some trees can make overtime can really do some damage. Not to mention the size of the tree hitting power lines, there are many issues that can happen over time. Things like checking for water lines, sewer lines, power lines and so many other things can save you money down the road if you just check before planting. The International Society of Arboriculture has a great article HERE about this and it's best to take a look before you start your project. 

We hope your land flourishes and goes on for years to come. Please do us a favor and rate the article below.  

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