5 Reasons Living Off Grid is the Future

5 Reasons Living Off Grid is the Future - LandZero

I once saw a guy selling some remote land on a popular social network and the comments were brutal. Some of the comments were, "Sure, who's going to live out in the middle of nowhere", "Junk land, no one would buy that". Well, these people have no clue what they are talking about. If city living is all they consider, then go to New York and have fun. But the rest of us are game, there are millions of us and it's growing rapidly. 

There is a reason people watch popular TV shows about off gird living. Shows like Alaska Bush People, Building off the grid and Life Below Zero are massively popular. In fact, there are well over 30 shows about doing it and countless books. These shows are some of the most popular by ratings on stations like Discovery and even Disney Plus. Why? Because it's an exciting life to live and something many dream of. 

Living in the city is fine for some, you have a heavy mortgage to spend 30 years of your life to pay, a grind of a job and a traffic commute to enjoy 5 days a week. Great, but that doesn't sound fun for millions of us and we crave adventure in the short time we live on this earth. 

Living off Grid is the future. Cities are packed, pandemics hit the world, supermarkets were cleaned out for a short time, financial freedom is less stressful and technology has made it way more comfortable to do it. So lets get into it...

5 Reasons Living Off Grid is the Future

1. The Movement is Growing Very Rapidly 

If you have never visited an area where people are living off the gird in remote areas then you may think it's just a bunch of hermits doing it. This couldn't be further from the truth, there are some wonderful people doing this and they are happy as a clam because of it. 

Some of the homes we have seen while traveling to remote land areas are really well done. Beautiful style homes with large acreage, horses, dogs, gardens and they are living mortgage free. Other people have set up a trailer homes and continue to work on their land doing their own projects. No one is out there telling them what to do or what they can't do. 

This lifestyle is growing very fast, especially after the Covid pandemic, political situation and city riots in the United States. Cost of living is even going up while job pay remains the same. Current inflation has doubled the price of some goods and the fear of it getting worse is real due to the major government stimulus packages. 

We have seen remote land increasingly becoming harder to get and prices going up. In fact, they are selling very rapidly. The movement is growing and it's getting faster and faster after all these factors came about. 

2. Advancements in Solar Power have been Amazing

In the past living off grid meant you lost some connections with the world. Even the possibilities of not having basic things needed to survive without major hard work. Well this has changed rapidly in the last few years and it's advancing more and more. 

Solar power has been around a long time, however the issue was the power storage batteries. They were not very efficient and at times you would probably be without power. This is becoming an issue that is almost non existent now. Many companies are tackling this issue with priority. Companies like Tesla and Lucid are producing home power storage units and the efficiency is upwards of 97.5%. It's getting better and better at no surprise, after all, we all have seen the speed at which the tech industry as improved. You can easily have reliable power now to live normal. Still, if you prefer power, many remote areas do have power lines. You can get the off grid lifestyle with just a little help from the county. Just remember, if the grid goes out, you may want the solar for backup. Check out the Tesla home solar page, it's quite amazing Tesla Solar

3. Yes, Internet and Cellular are Possible. Stay Connected. 

Have you heard of Starlink?  Elon Musks SpaceX program has launched hundreds of satellites and does more and more all the time. The goal is to provide world wide internet to everyone in the world no matter where you live. The program has already gone live in certain test areas and you can check your area for coverage here Starlink. While the tech is improving, the current Starlink satellites are closer to earth than your average satellite making for lower latency. Even enough to play online video games. 

Cellular is important too if you're remote. Most of us want that option and chances are you are covered. If you have ever looked at coverage maps of the leading cellular providers there is a good chance one of these has you covered. I've been out to extremely remote areas with perfect cellular and data reception. There are other options if your area is not covered by traditional methods. 

4. Food and Water, Not a Problem.

Water isn't a major concern like it used to be. You could always drill a well as long as the table top is within reason and purify the water with advanced methods using the sun. A ton of remote areas will deliver water or you could drive into a nearby town to fill up a catchment tank.

When it comes to food, you may be in an area where the worry is the water. There are lots of specialized growing systems in the market. Even drip systems require very little water and allow you to grow vegetable and other crops. Traditional greenhouses help as well for very hot areas. If you are a hunter then you're in luck, most of these remote areas are backed up near BLM land where you can hunt. Or, you may be remote enough to where no ones around and hunting is fine. As with hunting, you need to freeze your meat, but that is where the advancement in solar comes in to power your freezer. Cooking is easy too, getting some propane tanks in town for flame is common or if your solar allows, using an electric stove will do just fine. 

5. Financial Freedom is a Great Feeling

A lot of remote land is super affordable still, we have sold a lot of remote land anywhere from $999 to $10,000. You could even finance it with the goal of paying it off in a year or two. Depending on how you want to live, you can buy a home on Amazon for around $10k. Or, we have seen many just park a trailer which you can find them pretty cheap online. So there you are, with an investment of around $20k you have a home, land and zero financial payments except property taxes. Imagine that, if you have a small income or savings, you can live easily on it without major monthly payments. Also, if you're making a good amount of money somehow, your savings will explode. 

Living off grid isn't what it used to be, all this sounds very similar to living on the grid now doesn't it. Also, you don't have to be in the middle of nowhere. In the United States, you can do all this while being 30 minutes to an hour outside a city. Chances are we will start seeing way more infrastructure too, Amazon drone deliveries are already taking place in some areas for testing. 

If more political issues come about, more pandemics and supermarkets getting emptied out again in the cities, rest assured you will be better off remote than in a large city during that. 

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