5 Best Places to Live in Florida

5 Best Places to Live in Florida

If you haven't been to Florida, you really should. It's a super unique state in the United States, in fact it's as close to Hawaii in looks as you are going to find in the main land. Possibly even better depending on what you like. 

Some of the best things about Florida is the scenery. The beaches in South Florida have that crystal clear water you see in exotic places. Then add palm trees, wild iguanas, multiple cultures and great weather to that. 

A lot of people in other states hear the whole "People of Florida" comments, meaning, some of them are quite crazy. But when you visit or live here, you will see that's pretty overblown and the rare few. At the same though, there's definitely some free birds there. It's just that people in Florida are living a bit of a vacation lifestyle. It's really just part of the draw, embrace it. 

Florida is home to probably the biggest mix of people from all over the world in one spot. People from Cuba, South America, Europe, Mexico and Middle East, they are pretty much the majority near Miami. Other parts of Florida are packed with relaxed retirees and still a nice mixture of cultures in the tourist season. 

If you're a foodie, there is no place better. I don't think there is a type of food you can't find in Florida, also it's amazingly good. 

One of the best parts, the real estate is quite affordable for what you can get. You can still get a very nice, a luxury home on the harbor or lake can be found for around $350k. The type of home that would cost you almost a million in places like California. This probably won't last, it's estimated that 900 people a day are moving to Florida from other states or countries. The expectation is that housing prices will turn into something similar to California. So investing here is probably a good bet.

Overall, Florida is really cool, but let's look at the best places to live. 

Top 5 Best Places to Live in Florida

Miami, FL 

I know, you're probably thinking this is the obvious standard answer and why read on. Don't worry, we will give you some places that are unique and not found on other peoples list. The thing with Miami is it's still growing at a fast rate, it's also home to some extravagant riches, great nightlife and huge mix of different cultures. It would be surprising if you visit Miami and don't see Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Yachts that run $250 million plus. While it might not be your type of thing, it's fun to visit and the beaches are amazing. Still, Miami has some nice homes and condos that are comparatively affordable for how luxurious they are. Having a vacation rental here would probably be full year round if you're looking to make some cash. 

Tampa, FL

If you're a working professional, Tampa may be right for you. The growth of Tampa is huge due to the fortune 500 companies moving into to Florida. The city has great schools, restaurants, entertainment and a vibrant nightlife. Homes are still affordable, the weather is great and you can score a good job here.  

Hollywood, FL

Okay, try to find this one on other peoples lists, Hollywood Florida is our little secret to you. There is a big mix of lower end areas and upper end areas in Hollywood, but some of the secret neighborhoods less looked at are wonderful. Obvious tip, the closer to the beach the better it is. 

The thing with Hollywood is there are neighborhoods that are affordable, quiet, cool style homes and the beach is popular yet more relaxed than Miami. Currently, major investments are coming into this area and upgrading some old buildings, a very good sign. This area also has a huge Russian population, they seem to have locked in on this area and it's becoming popular! 

Orlando, FL

You probably expected to see this one on here, but it's not just because of Disneyland. Orlando has a growing tech sector with opportunities for vacation rentals and really good healthcare for retirees. Part of the reason for the huge growth here are the colleges. There are over 25 different colleges that students are attending, then staying. 

Coral Gables & Naples, FL

Okay, so we slipped in two here, we apologize. They kinda relate to the same subject though, that is, they are luxurious high end areas that shouldn't be left out. While not for everyone, due to the cost can buy here, but you can get an amazing luxury home here for something that would be double in price elsewhere. The median home price in these areas is around $600k. It's seriously high end, it has great shopping and world class restaurants. Both places had to be recommended just because the area would blow you away, it's beautiful.  

Even if these areas don't interest you, keep in mind Florida has 67 counties. It's a huge state and a lot of it is next to the ocean due to its shape. With warm weather year round, good food and nature, anywhere is quite nice really. There are even areas with huge acreage where you can have horses and lots of land to work with. Or, you can even live in a jungle like setting. It's one of those states where any lifestyle you want can be found in Florida. 

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