5 Best Off Grid living Shows to Watch Now

5 Best Off Grid living Shows to Watch Now - LandZero

Off grid living is increasingly become a subject of curiosity to the world. Google trends is showing a large increase as of lately in the search subject and also some great shows are becoming quite popular to watch. This is because the option of off-grid living is becoming more accessible to keeping our daily living needs there. Meaning, solar has advanced, satellite internet and TV have advanced and alternative home ideas are low in cost. 

Some amazing shows are out and are a great way to learn about the subjects benefits and limitations. Not only are they educational but they also show the average persons struggles when it comes to building their first home or daily living. After all, how many of use have built our own home or set up our own off-grid utilities. These shows may be the best way to learn about how your ideas measure up to reality.

5 Best Off Grid Living Shows to Watch

1. Building Off Grid by Discovery Channel

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This show with several episodes and seasons is absolutely phenomenal. Discovery managed to find people who are taking on home projects on from scratch. Meaning, most have no experience and give building a home a go themselves. You can imagine the mistakes you will see, sometimes you wonder if the home will even stay up without crashing down within a year. 

The great part about this show is the variety of alternative home methods to watch. Everything from AirCrete to stone building from scratch is shown. Maybe you had an idea of a home to build, it's very educational to see what you can expect. 

This show can be seen on the Discovery Channel or on their website.

2. Building Off The Grid by DIY Network

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This great show takes on larger projects, sometimes with a good amount of volunteers to learn and help. One of the episode uses tires to build the home, so you will see some great alternative building. Often the characters they follow around are quite unique and entertaining. DIY network is also a great place to learn just about everything when it comes to building homes, bathrooms, gardens and just about everything else. 

This show can be watched on Hulu, or though the DIY Network. Highly recommended.

3. Off the Gird, On the Beach by HGTV

See Here

Not everyone wants to live super off grid or take on building a home. HGTV has this great show, but these people have large pockets and dream big. Overall, you can expect things like couples shopping for remote island type homes and leaving the city. Some of these being resorts to create an income and live a permeant vacation lifestyle. 

This show isn't actually living off the grid, at least in terms of living without utilities and roughing it. It's more about living away from the large city and picking an area that might only be accessible by boat or in a jungle setting. We included this one because the homes are awe inspiring, or for some, their idea of being off the grid. 

This can be seen on HGTV or their website, some episodes even on YouTube.

4. Homestead Rescue by Discovery Channel 

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Homestead rescue is just how it sounds, rescuing people that are struggling living the homestead life. This entertaining show follows those who are really having a tough time with the life style of being remote and the problems they are having. After showing you their struggles and the desire to just give up, in comes a super experienced team and gives them the training and needs to make it work. 

This can be seen on Discovery or several other methods like Hulu. 

5. Primitive Technology on YouTube

See Here

If you want to see the extreme then this is the show to watch. It's more of subject by subject show, meaning how to do this and that if you decide to leave everything we know of today. This means doing everything on your own with nature only. Literally, nothing from the city at all to live, an indigenous lifestyle to the max. 

There is some getting used to with this show or channel, the guy doesn't talk at all. The only thing you will see is him doing a projects and the sound of nature. But overall, it's so extreme that it's interesting to see that it's possible to live like this with the right knowledge. 

This can be seen only on YouTube as it's just a guys channel. 

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