10 Ways To Make Money On Raw Land

10 Ways To Make Money On Raw Land

There are numerous ways to make money if you have a land. If your main goal is to have an income with the use of an existing asset, you could be surprised on how creative you could get, even with a small land you own.

Below are some of the ways to make money on raw land:

      1. Hunting Rights

If you have a wooded land suitable for hunting, you may rent your land out during the hunting season. You may charge a flat fee or by the person. You’re in control with this one, which makes it one of the ways to make extra cash while keeping full use of the land you own during off season.

      2. Pasturing Animals

If you have a land that includes fields, you might like to take a look through online as well as paper classified ads in your place. More than likely you’ll be able to determine cow or horse owners who are searching for space to gaze all of their animals. It’s a good way to make money and if land includes big pasture areas, animals would keep grass down so you can save money.

        3. Camping

If you have an open, level land ideal for camping, you can consider starting a campground. Turning your land to a camping site doesn’t need a huge investment. You can start with the basic things that campers need. For an easy way to get started with this visit the AirBnb of camping "HipCamp".

       4. Storage

Another way to earn extra cash from having a raw land is by offering storage solutions. Many people nowadays need more storage space and you can turn your land to a storage rental space. Just be sure to check with the local county as you may need to build a structure for this.

       5. Flea Markets

If you have land that is located in a high traffic area, you can rent it out as a flea market. It’s a low cost way to make use of your land while connecting consumers and local vendors in your community.

       6. Logging

If your land includes wooded areas, a smart way to earn extra money from it is getting some quotes from various logging companies to see how much you can earn from timber. To preserve the land’s value and to be a great environmental steward, it is not recommended to clear-cut your land. But, you can log part of it while preserving some wooded areas.

      7. Cropland

There could be bigger companies or individuals searching to lease land long-term or short-term for farming purposes depending on the type of farming, which may exist in the area. A lot of people end up renting their land for nurseries as well.

      8. Paintball Fields

Offering space for paintball war is still a huge industry. If you’re in doubt, check out paintball fields near you. Some of these have become a franchise. You can sell merchandise and tickets for this. People will actually drive to very remote areas if you build an awesome playing field. Some examples are war zone like buildings, bunkers, old cars, desert area with ditches and even jungle type zone. It doesn’t take so much to make your land paintball ready. If you know the basics, you can easily get started.

      9. Christmas Tree Lot

The industry of Christmas tree farming is booming. If you have raw land, you can use it or rent it for a Christmas tree lot. A lot of people will use someones land seasonally for the holidays. Which you can charge more for, rather than a annual rental.

     10. Power Leases or Cell Towers

It’s now made possible to make money leasing your land to some wind generating companies or others within the industry of alternative power. One beautiful one if you can get it, is a cellphone tower. There are sites to list your land for cell companies to use. It is rare to get them, because most areas have a lot of coverage. But if they pick your land, you will have a rental income for a long time. They will even pick very small lots for this in remote areas or the city.

The Bottom Line

Land is a good asset, particularly for the ones who are determined and creative enough to invest the energy and time to get started.

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Can you make money on raw land?

Yes, depending on where it is located and if useful to someone you can make a monthly supplemental income from land. Some options are renting it to a neighbor for their animals, renting to seasonal sellers of Christmas trees and pumpkins, putting up a paintball course, charging hunters to use it, flea markets or even cell phone towers. These are good income producing options.

Can you charge money for someone to camp on your land?

Yes, some people make a good amount actually. The best method is getting on HipCamp.com. This works like Airbnb, you can set up an outdoor enclosure with fire pit, or just allow someone to pitch a tent for the night.

What can I build on Raw Land?

Raw land offers some endless options when it comes to use. However, much of this depends on the county as they often have rules around what you can use the land for. Things like paintball fields, Christmas tree lots, Cell towers and flea market use have been some of the more creative ideas used by others.

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