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How to Make AirCrete

Posted by Jessica Richardson on

AirCrete is easy to work with, easy to make, and inexpensive. With just basic skills, you can make AirCrete. It is also strong, even some US builders are starting to use it. Also the majority of homes in Germany are AirCrete.

Now How To Make AirCrete, The Basic Steps.

The truth is that making AirCrete is similar to baking a cake. Just get the right recipe and you can surely get the right results. The most important part is following the directions and using exact measurements and technique. The density and quality of the foam is crucial. You can use an accurate kitchen or postal scale to check the foam’s weight that must be between 80 and 100 grams. A good quality of dish detergent can be used to produce foam with a continuous foam generator. You have to search for high foaming degreaser detergent. Add in the detergent to water then mix thoroughly. You can use a commercial foaming agent meant for forming Cellular Concrete as well.

An air compressor with a rate of no less than 2.5cfm at 90psi is also needed as this is a rather small compressor. You can also use a much bigger compressor in case you got one.

You have to mix one 94-pound bag of cement with 6 gallons of water. Pour the water into the container then add the cement while mixing to prevent clumping. After properly mixing the water and cement, turn the Little Dragon (see link below to buy) on and add the foam into the mixture. Add adequate foam to create 45 gallons and AirCrete. This is around 30 inches high in standard drum of 55 gallons. The foam is extremely lightweight that it floats above the mixture of cement. The foam injection mixer works really great since this directly injects foam into those mixing paddles under the barrel where this is combined with cement before it floats to the top.

A strong drill can also be used with the mixing paddle. Just ensure that the foam is worked down to the mixture until it has been mixed thoroughly.

After it is mixed you have to pour AirCrete into a cast to get the shape of the block you want and let it turn hard over night. This can make a great foundation slab, sub-floor, footing and wall material so plan it out. Lay down plastic to hold water so that it will cure better. If you are living in a place with dry climate, you can sprinkle this with water to keep this wet for several days that can help with the curing process.

AirCrete need to be 100% cured before use. For building a structure start with making the rectangular wooden frames. These can be made square or round, this is pretty technical so watch some youtube videos. There are also ways to build a frame and pumping in the Aircrete to make your structure. 

On Domegaia you can get building plans, classes all over world and all the tools you need. The homes here are quite impressive in style and surely would rent out. Plus you can build a basic one for under $10k. 


Here are some critical pointers. 

1. make sure to weather seal the outside very well, as well as the inside and whole structure. 

2. Use fiber to get stronger AirCrete blocks, these can be found online or at hardware stores.

3. Regular concrete is recommended for the foundation. 

4. Take the Class at Domegaia, this would give you hands on experience and expert help. It comes with building plans and email updates on living off grid in you AirCrete home. Also building other structures, some that are very useful to live and don't include AirCrete. 

5. Check with your building code officials before you begin. Some are completely clueless about AirCrete, so make your decision on the plan after talking with them. 

6. Unless you know electrical and plumbing, get some help in these categories before beginning. 

7. Get super creative, think about adding stones, glass wine bottles, color, landscape, cool windows and door frames, counters and seats made with AirCrete, ponds and more. There are defiantly things to be tried with this that haven't been done before. This is because you can pump the foam into structure frames, so imagine the possibilities. 

8. Learn about maintaining the structure, you don't want any weather damage. 

9. Make 100% sure you follow instructions when mixing the foam. Follow YouTube videos from trusted sources. Also if you don't want to mess with this, there are professional AirCrete places to buy the blocks in bulk. They are sometimes hard to find so it depends on your location.

10. Assess the weather on your land, know your flooding, possibilities of hurricanes, how much rain, water sources and more. Plan accordingly with your conditions and build accordingly. 

Overall, if you can buy land for $10k and build for $10k you are styling. The more unique and the more appeal to the area, you will be renting this often on AirBnb. Some of the most popular rentals are unique homes like AirCrete domes. If you can, take pictures and video of your progress and post them online. It is a small community and growing. The more examples all of us can see the better, sharing is caring. 

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