Turning Your Tiny Home into Cash Using AirBnb

Whether or not you want to live in a tiny home, there is no doubt it’s a real money maker for vacation rentals. Some of the most popular weekly getaways on AirBnb are very unique homes. If you think about it, a getaway should be unique and memorable. There are a lot of people who would rather stay away from the hotels. Overall you just end up doing what everyone else is doing there. Eat some hotel meals and get out in the town for a little while each day. 

With a unique home getaway you are doing something completely different and very memorable. Some even stay in the tiny home to see if it could be a way of life for them. Others just like to live off the grid for awhile and really step out of the grind to refresh their batteries. Either way, it’s a good money maker as you can imagine. People on AirBnb are scrolling through several homes and condos in your same area. How much does a unique home pop out on those pages, even if they don’t rent it they for sure will be curious to at least look and contemplate it. 

So what does it take to start this up and make some extra cash? Well a tiny home and some land basically. A tiny home can run you anywhere between 20k and 30k, of course this is just an average range. You could end up spending more or less depending on how you do it. If you are handy you could also buy a frame and do the interior yourself. You also have to look at other things, like do you want it on a foundation or keep it as an RV classed home and keep it on wheels. This has to do with building regulations on your land. Probably the easiest way is to email or call your local county office. This is because combing though the building regulations if you have never done so can be quite a task. Both ways have different benefits, if its fixed it’s more home like. If it’s on wheels you can move it to another site easily if some other land pops up. Move it to that new land and sell or hold the other one. The wheels can be somewhat hidden if you build a frame or plant large vegetation. 

The land you should try to chose an area you think this would work it. Even if it’s not some typical vacation area people with still make it to the area to give a tiny home a shot. Also they may be visiting family and want their own place to stay rather then a very normal hotel. Land has many different ranges as in price. You can get a small lot or some acreage in an area and even spend as little as a couple thousand dollars. Of course you will want to be very creative with the land set up. Make it unique and stand out quite a bit. You can do this by making gardens, ponds, tropical land scape, outdoor fire pit with chairs or just about anything you can dream of. You could even add some farm animals as long as someone can care for them. Either way, make it UNIQUE and memorable for your visitors. 

So imagine, you get a nice tiny home for $30,000 and buy a piece of land for around $5,000. Give it nice improvements for around $1000.00 with foliage and ponds. For about a total of $36,000 dollars your ready to roll and make money by renting as a vacation rental. There are people making $45,000 a year on AirBnb, probably more! Also take a look for yourself at the reviews on tiny homes. People just love it and have a come back with a new understanding of how you can live cheap without a mortgage. Speaking of mortgage, you won’t have one, some your only expenses will be property taxes and home repairs and upkeep. How nice would it be to make extra cash and not have to pay a monthly mortgage! 

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