Frequently Asked Questions



How does this process work?

Are the properties in good standing?

Do I have to qualify for buying land here?

Can I pay the contract off early or Add a Downpayment?

Why isn't there a lot of land on here?

Is the LandZero company a good place to buy land?

Can I buy more than one lot?

When can I use the property?

What happens after I purchase?

Can I buy if I live outside the United States

Can I see the property?

What is your cancelation and refund policy?

What happens if I'm late on my payments or don't pay?

When do I get the property and deed? 

My Credit Card was Declined! What do I do?

Can I have the property surveyed?

What about Zoning, Mineral rights and Land Use?

How does your monthly payment system work? 

Is land a good investment? 

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